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Have you ever thought about improving your home but fell short on ideas that would efficiently match your budget and envisioned design? It is almost too often that people are overspending for organizational products that do not provide the assistance or enhancement that was promised.  Shelves That Slide is here to answer all your home improvement and organizational needs.

The Products

Nearly everyone has seen or knows someone with sliding shelves, or commonly referred to as rolling shelves, pull-out shelves, or slide-out trays, in their home. With Shelves That Slide, there are many benefits that come along with installing this product in your home. laundry shelves.png

Shelves That Slide has been creating custom made pullout kitchen shelving for well over 20 years. However, their sliding shelves aren’t just limited to your kitchen cabinets. They have solutions for:

  • Trash and recycling bins
  • Wall Units
  • Drawer Units
  • Hamper
  • Blind corners
  • Lazy Susans
  • Tip-out Trays
  • TV Shelves

…and many more! All of the associated hardware and accessories needed to install and customize them for your personal needs are included with each purchase so installation is as easy as 1-2-3!

kitchen shelves.pngShelves That Slide custom sliding shelves make your life easier. Only top-quality materials such as grade B/B 9-ply Baltic birch is used for the shelving. Blum drawer sliders—some of the finest made—are a staple to their design.

The Pull-Out Shelf Experts

Shelves That Slide is Arizona’s original, most trusted and experienced pull out shelf company. This company truly cares about their customers which shows in their top quality products and outstanding customer service. They are happy to assist customers in saving money and making their homes more efficient. With custom made shelves, DIY install, and factory pricing it is assured that you are getting the best quality sliding shelves and accessories than the “cheap” merchandise sold through other companies. With over 20 years of experience, Shelves That Slide know what works and what doesn’t!

The Beginning

From humble beginnings starting out with zoned marketing in Sun City and then expanding to Tucson, Shelves That Slide decided to make the leap to mobilize their brand and products with the creation of their website. “Our shelves that slide are great for kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets and they are great for home office and entertainment centers—but how do we let people know about this ‘new’ product that was now available when we could not afford to take out anything but small ads in the newspaper? The website gave us the ability to give more information to our customers without them having to have a stranger come into their homes.”

Going Viral

By providing their installation and measurement information, they were soon taking orders from all over the country. They received calls from as far away as New York City from folks who wanted to install the shelves themselves. Their website was quickly followed by an online store so people from outside of Arizona has a secure method of ordering their products.

Be Careful

Today, there are dozens of other sliding shelf companies that have sprung up online. The problem is that not all of those companies provide a quality product or experience that Shelves That Slide provides. “We don’t sell our shelves to distributors. We sell you each pull-out shelf at a fair price straight from the manufacturer…us!”

Shelves That Slide have proven that they are Arizona’s #1 choice for home organizational needs. Once you have had pull out shelves installed, you will wonder how and why you ever lived without them. Shelves That Slide is a company that holds themselves to a standard of affordable, easy, and seamless results that allow for homeowners across the state to achieve maximum outcomes in creating more space, organization, and accessibility—making life a little bit easier.bathroom.png

For more information on Shelves That Slide, visit their website or give them a call at 800.598.7390


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Shelves that Slide Inc "We Make Your Life Easier" with custom made rollout kitchen shelving designed for your existing cabinets. Think of us as your shelf depot. It does not matter whether you call them pullouts, sliding shelves, glide out shelfs, pull-out shelving, rollouts, sliders etc. We offer a large selection of custom made shelves and other accessories to help organize your kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets. We really do make your life easier and we have been doing so for over twenty years! We ship our pull outs all across the United States and Canada.

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