Hygge.jpgThe first month of the new year is the time to adopt new philosophies, broaden horizons, and experiment with different lifestyle changes. A lot of the time, this is done to focus on bettering one aspect of your life that is to be carried out for the remaining 11 months and beyond. This soon becomes difficult once the bitter cold of winter settles in and the world seems to become busier and more hectic than ever. The need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the small things has never been more prevalent. One of the most popular emerging lifestyle trends of 2017 that allows for the injection of zen into your life hails all the way from Denmark. The concept is referred to as hygge (pronounced HOO-Gah) which, simply put, is the Danish word for “cozy.” Hygge is a concept and way of living pioneered by the Danish the since the 18th century. This term is widely interpreted as a mental state rather than a physical one, where people are adjusting their ways of living to find hygge. Helen Russell, author of The Year of Living Danish, describes the notion as “complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming with a focus on togetherness and prioritizing the people in your life.” As the Danish continue to live out hygge, other countries have started following suit. The first step to effectuating hygge in your life is to first incorporate it into your home with a few simple steps.

Tips for Achieving Home Hygge:

Tidy Up: Take a cue from Marie Kondo and start by tidying up your home life. This can be done by taking your material possessions and sorting them into piles—clothing, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items. Then, one at a time, survey your piles and each item that belongs to them, hopefully realizing the excess in the process. Then, hold each item to see if it sparks joy in your body. The ones that spark joy get to stay. The ones that don’t are the items you should be more inclined to part with. This method is used to purify your surroundings and welcome in only the material items that bring you true joy.

Invest in organization: There are millions of containers, files, and contraptions that all claim to help with organization and decluttering. These tools, despite what they maintain, are only temporary fixes. After tidying up, attempt to reorganize your remaining objects by simply adding rolling shelving to an established space. Shelves That Slide are DIY rolling shelves that can be installed in under 5 minutes and bring the peace and alignment into a home. Since they are simply added on to an existing space, shelves that slide can be use virtually anywhere. Although the most popular rolling shelves are generally found in the kitchen, pantry, or bathroom, the company provides pull-out shelving for other aspects of the home such as trash and recycling bins, various wall and drawer organizing units, hampers, blind corners, lazy Susan’s, tip-out trays, and even TV shelves, taking standard organization to a whole new level.

Remember the simple things: You don’t need to jump into hygge face first. Slow down and make the transformation more manageable through tiny additions to the home that revolutionize any moment. Try incorporating soft lighting, candles, fluffy, rich fabrics, varying textures, and comforting scents into various areas of your home.

Enjoy the space around you: After adding small, cozy details to your home, be sure to take the time to soak it all in. Embrace the joy and coziness of your new space by treating yourself to your favorite coffee in the morning, hang your favorite photographs, or wear your favorite outfit. Whatever you do, take time to revel in the tiny moments that make you smile and uplift your soul.

While hygge is frequently associated with cosiness, it is a way of life which can be enjoyed all year round. Try out these organizational tips in order to let joy and relaxation permeate all aspects of your life. Hygge is everywhere; you just need to discover it.

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