As a work shed owner, you are bound to stumble over equipment and tools placed haphazardly due to lack of space. And no matter how big the shed is, there is seemingly never enough storage space. The addition of sliding shelves is an effective way to open up space and organize your shed.

Due to their sliding mechanism, sliding shelves make use of narrow spaces on your garage’s sidewall. The fact that they slide in and out makes it easy to spot and access tools and materials stored. With the rollouts, you no longer have to put away your nails and screws three layers deep in toolboxes and spend an eternity finding them. Simply pull out the shelf and find everything organized in full view.

Types of Sliding Shelves

Depending on the size and dimensions of your garage, there are three basic sliding shelf designs you can use. They include:

  •         The Lateral model
  •         The Side-by-side model
  •         The Pullout model

The Pullout Model

The Pullout model is perhaps the most preferred design of sliding shelves mainly due to its security and neat appeal. As the name suggests, it involves a series of rollout shelves secured to the wall that you pull out to access. When you pull out the shelf, you instantly are able to access all your tools.

The shelves are usually double-sided, so you can better store small things like oil and paint cans and hammers. But they can be customizable as well. You can set up the divider in different positions and create different depth levels in the shelves for larger equipment.

Alternatively, you have the option of integrating additional side panels for instant access to items you use most frequently like screwdrivers and pliers.

The Lateral Model

The Lateral model is recommended if you need to maximize cubic storage area. It is especially effective for bulkier tools and large boxes that can’t fit in the small, narrow design of the Pullout model.

It features full-sized open shelves with wheels that move the whole unit around. You can buy multiple units and install one sliding shelf in front of another (thus the name lateral model). To access tools in the unit behind, you simply need to push aside the one in front.

The Side-by-Side Model

The Side-by-Side model takes the same design as the Lateral model; only, in this case, the sliding shelves are broken down into narrower, one cube wide units that you arrange side by side. It is recommended for bulky goods, but lacks the lateral space to arrange a fully-fledged shelf in front of another.


Using sliding shelves is the best way to organize your garage or work shed. All three models described have multi-use functionalities for storing different tools, they come in different sizes and shapes and can be customized to provide extra storage options for large items including furniture or appliances. They are an excellent solution to de-cluttering a garage. 

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