A luxuriously large cabinet can become a black hole if it’s not well-organized. Our expert organizers here at Shelves that Slide put together this step-by-step guide to help you make the most of your deep pantry.

1. Start fully stocked

This may seem counterintuitive. Shouldn’t you clear out your cabinet to organize it? Yes, but first, start with all the food you intend to store in your deep pantry. If you organize your pantry around the foods you always keep stocked, you’re more likely to keep things tidy in the long run. 

2. Clear it out

This part is simple. Once you have all the food you intend to keep in your deep pantry, get it all out of the way! As you move everything, check expiration dates and group things into categories of alike items.

3. Make a plan

When it comes to planning, opt for old-fashioned pencil and paper. By drawing out the number and dimensions of your existing shelves, you can determine if you’ll need to modify your existing layout.

Should you realize that your pantry is too deep to access items stored at the back, consider installing one of our movable shelves. A tiered Lazy Susan provides maximum usable space for extra deep cabinets. 

We also offer a range of pull-out shelving systems such as the Perfect Pantry Pack and the Pull-Down Shelving System. If you don’t need a full shelving system, consider adding one or two movable shelves to your pantry. Check out our slanted pull-out and bread box drawer.

Whatever number of shelves you choose to add or change, finalize your design and double-check that you’ve measured everything correctly. 

4. Order and install

When the time comes to install your new shelves, we provide a range of resources and how-to guides. Should you run into any issues, feel free to contact our customer support team.

This is also the time to add decorative elements such as paint. While dressing up the pantry isn’t strictly necessary, making it look pretty can encourage you to keep it clean. 

5. Put it all together

Finish the project by filling your deep pantry with whatever you’ve designed it to hold. Enjoy!

At Shelves That Slide, we exist to help customers who want to get organized. Whether you’re interested in adding a few shelves or totally overhauling your kitchen, we can help make your life easier. Contact us today!

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