Fitting everything into your bathroom can be challenging, especially if it’s small and does not have space to add more storage options. However, there are many ways to use hidden storage products offered by Shelves That Slide to repurpose some of the overlooked space you already have. 

Tip Out Storage Bins 

Tip out storage bins can make use of the unused space between the sink and cabinets. Perfect for small, frequently used items, this bonus bin will help keep your larger drawers organized and your countertops free of clutter.

Add Sliding Shelves To Your Cabinets 

Traditional cabinets can sometimes be too tall to be used efficiently. Unless everything you plan to store in your cabinets is tall enough to fill the space to the top or stacks especially well, you will likely be left with a significant amount of dead space at the top. Replacing a single open space with a stack of sliding shelves gives you more options for effectively organizing a variety of items and getting the most out of your space. 

Utilize The Space Underneath Your Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are usually not built directly on the ground. Instead, there are a couple of inches of space between the floor and the bottom of the cabinet that simply become decorative or unusable space. Adding a sliding shelf to this area gives you another option for creating hidden storage out of a space that would otherwise be wasted. 

Hide Hampers

If you have kids, the sight of dirty clothes and used towels piled up on the bathroom floor is probably all too familiar. Make it as easy as possible for kids and husbands to clean up after themselves by installing a hidden hamper.

Pullout Grooming Organizer

It can be difficult to find the right spot for bulky hair dryers and curling irons with endless cords. Easily organize all your hair styling tools in one place along with other products with the space-saving pullout grooming organizer At Shelves That Slide, we provide a wide range of storage options that can help you make the most of your bathroom or any other space in your home.

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