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How to Extend the Life of Your Tires

You may not give your car’s tires much attention, but perhaps you should. Consider the fact that what amounts to four patches of rubber smaller than a dollar bill are responsible for accelerating, steering and stopping a vehicle that can weigh 3,000 pounds or more.

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How to Drive Safely With Your Family This Year

While today’s cars are designed and equipped to be safer than ever, until we finally get self-driving cars, the human element remains the most critical aspect of automotive safety. Whether you’re driving the kids to school or taking the family a cross-country road trip, be sure to follow these time-honored tips to ensure everyone arrives safely.

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Winterizing your vehicle

Tucson is not exactly known for its harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean that we can get away with doing nothing to prepare our vehicles for the cold weather. Don’t embark on a weekend trip to the mountains, the Grand Canyon or Flagstaff in the winter months without preparation.

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Knowing how to shop for auto care

When the car breaks down, do-it-yourself auto repair isn’t the solution for most of us. Don’t get me wrong; I know there are people out there who are entirely comfortable popping the hood and getting down to brass tacks if they have a problem, but the rest of us have to turn to the pros. We know to call Jack Furrier when we blow a tire just like we call the doctor when we get the flu.

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