Happy_customer_auto_care.pngWhen the car breaks down, do-it-yourself auto repair isn’t the solution for most of us. Don’t get me wrong; I know there are people out there who are entirely comfortable popping the hood and getting down to brass tacks if they have a problem, but the rest of us have to turn to the pros. We know to call Jack Furrier when we blow a tire just like we call the doctor when we get the flu.

Educating yourself about how best to shop for auto care can keep you from being at a disadvantage when the old chariot breaks down.

The first thing you should do is to take a peek at the owner’s manual – it’s not unheard of for the information you need to be right there in the glove compartment. After that, the next step is to turn to a professional.

You have a couple of choices for auto care and repair, a dealership – often the pricier option – or an automotive repair center like Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care that has convenient locations and a proven record of success. The most important thing for you as the consumer to feel is trust. If you can easily find out a few pieces of relevant information – are the technicians certified and is the pricing clear – then you’re on the right track.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t shy away if you don’t understand the answers, press for clarity. Seek out experts for the important things in life, like auto care and repair, because your safety and that of your family should be in the hands of professionals like the technicians at Jack Furrier who have thorough knowledge and the skills to get you back to your life.

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About Jack Furriers

Loyal customers are the backbone of our business - Our first responsibility is to make sure you come back. Your recommendation is the highest compliment and the best advertising we can get.

We take customer loyalty personally because the Furrier name is still on the business after all these years. Jack Furrier's team loves every opportunity to earn you and your family's tire and auto repair business. In the unfortunate event that we do not meet your expectations, please tell us so we can make it right for you. Our team has the authority to do everything within their ability to correct it, just ask our long term customers.

Thank you - Sean Furrier

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