Our day to day lives are led by a multitude of decisions, actions and reactions. Some of our decisions in life may have a positive or negative affect on the people around us and we might not even know to what extent. A simple gesture made on your part, that may not seem like a big deal to you, could mean the entire world to another.

Simple_Acts_of_Kindness_-_Dru2.png#1 New York Times bestselling author, international writer and keynote speaker, Laura Schroff captures moments just likes these. Schroff finds it important to be the voice of the community and share daily small acts of kindness throughout the community with her writing. In 2011 Schroff released An Invisible Thread, a novel inspired by herself and a 11-year-old boy she met in 1986. Maurice, the 11-year-old boy, was homeless and out on his own on the streets of Manhattan trying to make it from day to day. The boy, begging for some spare change as he did to every person walking past him on 56th street, struck something in Schroff to stop and take him to lunch. The novel depicts their 30-year friendship and the impact the relationship had on the two of them.

An invisible thread, commonly referred to as The Red Thread of Destiny, is an ancient Chinese proverb that connects individuals who were destined to meet in some sort of fashion at some point in their lives regardless of the time, location or circumstance. After the novel An Invisible Thread published in 2011, Schroff began to receive letters from her readers of their own “invisible thread” experiences.

Laura Schroff is back at it again with her newest hit novel, Angels on Earth. The novel is based around Schroff’s belief that embracing and nurturing the “invisible thread” relationships we come across in our lives gives us the opportunity to become real-life angels on earth to one another. Compiling the different inspirational stories, she has received over the years, Schroff is set to release Angels on Earth on October 25th, 2016.

Chapter one features Tucson, Arizona and the Arizona Daily Star’s very own Dru Sanchez. Years prior Dru, compelled by reading the novel An Invisible Thread, sent her own experience to Laura Schroff. One morning, Dru saw herself in a young woman in a local grocery store. The woman and her three children, two boys and one girl, had the absolute bare necessities in their shopping cart. The oldest of the boys walked alongside their mother with a calculator deciding on what items they could or could not afford to buy. Having been a young struggling single mother of 2 children herself many years ago, Dru felt she was being pushed to do something for this woman and her family. “One hundred dollars and a hug, that’s all that was exchanged. But the exchange itself created something far bigger, far more powerful, far more lasting. Sometimes, says Dru, we just have to let someone know we care about them.”  (“The Hug” – Chapter 1 – Angels on Earth).”

Pre order your copy today at http://lauraschroff.com/angels-on-earth


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