Are you constantly disappointed by your kitchen? Is it slowing you down or holding you back from channeling your inner chef? Don’t blame yourself. You may just need to give it an organizational makeover!

Here are 7 signs it’s time to revamp how you organize your kitchen.

  1. Dirty dishes are piling up in the sink

While that leaning tower of dishes may be a sign of a skipped chore, it may also signify a lack of surface space. Consider installing some new shelving units to the walls, adding organizers to the drawers or utilizing the space above your cabinets. If you have a slightly larger budget, a kitchen island is also a smart and stylish investment.

  1. The trashcan is out for everyone to see – and smell

No one’s trash is pretty. So tuck the bin away under the counter to free up space and reduce foul odors. For easy access, place the hidden trashcan on a sliding shelf.

  1. Cooking breakfast in the morning feels too daunting

Are your pots and pans in disarray? The last thing you need in the morning is another reason to stay in bed. Install some hooks or sliding shelves so you can find everything you need – even if you’re still half asleep.

  1. You order meals because you have no space to actually cook

Do your wallet (and health) a favor by getting some new shelving or even custom cutting boards to place over your unused stovetop.

  1. You can’t ever find the right utensil

There’s nothing worse than pouring a bowl of cereal and only finding forks and knives in the drawer. If you’re used to just tossing utensils into the drawer, consider buying some dividers or compartments to ensure you’ll can easily find what you need.

  1. Your spices live in a jumbled mess

Stuck with bland food because you can’t find the oregano or paprika? Stop simply stacking (or worse, throwing) your spices on a shelf. Invest in a spice rack and place it on a Lazy Susan so they’re always within reach.

  1. Your Tupperware collection is in total disarray

If you have to go hunting for the right sized container deep within your cabinets, you’re missing out. By quickly installing a sliding shelf, you can save valuable time and prevent unnecessary frustration.

Sliding shelves, Lazy Susans and other solutions can quickly turn your kitchen from a complete disaster to an organized dream. Plus, they’re inexpensive and easy to install.

Tired of living with a disorganized kitchen? Consult the experts at Shelves That Slide in Tucson.

With over 25 years in the business, Shelves That Slide knows exactly what your kitchen needs, and that’s why their DIY shelves come with everything you need for an easy installation.

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