As the Arizona housing market continues to heat up, now is the perfect time to begin your search for your ideal home. Vantage West’s community-focused home loan team wants to work with you to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Vantage West Credit Union offers some of the lowest mortgage rates, tailored to your specific needs. Since Vantage West funds it’s own mortgages, they are able to provide unique, and flexible loan options unavailable at large banks, and other mortgage lenders.


Vantage West’s roots began in 1955, where they operated out of a one-room military barrack located on Tucson’s Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Vantage West grew to become Arizona’s largest credit union by maintaining a community focus, and never forgetting their local roots. Vantage West emphasizes community empowerment by participating in local events throughout the year, including financial literacy workshops and other educational opportunities. Vantage West believes the success of it’s members creates stronger communities.


Vantage West proves its desire to work with the individual needs of its members by offering unique loans for those working in a variety of specific professions. They understand demands of a busy career, and other personal circumstances can make some banks confused about how to meet the lender’s needs. Vantage West seeks to provide guidance for these unique groups.


A number of specialty loans extend toward those working as physicians in the state of Arizona. This includes dentists, surgeons, and doctors of optometry, osteopathy, philosophy, and many more. These loans include favorable loan-to-value ratios, and competitive interest rates with no adjustment for Jumbo Loan amounts.


Vantage West also offers their Home Heroes specialty loans, which reward the people who put their lives on the line to make our communities safer, more peaceful places to live. These loans help active members of the military and veterans, along with emergency responders, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, and more.


Finally, Vantage West provides specialized loans for professions where the hours are long, and the days are stressful. Vantage West does it’s part to ensure these individuals have an easy, and satisfying mortgage experience so they can continue their important work without unnecessary distractions. These loans target professionals such as certified public accountants, attorneys, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, veterinarians, and more.


All of the specialty loans offered include high loan-to-value ratios of at least 95%. Ensuring borrowers receive the best value for their property, and aren’t bogged down with a heap of unnecessary fees, and hidden charges. These specialty loans also don’t require qualified borrowers to purchase mortgage insurance, or PMI, which saves thousands of dollars.


If you don’t fall into any of the categories mentioned in this article, don’t worry because Vantage West offers customized home loans for every type of buyer. Whether you’re buying your first home, need to refinance, or are looking to remodel, Vantage West has you covered with some of the lowest rates found anywhere in Arizona. Their loan officers will help you find the type of loan that fits your situation best, whether it’s a VA, FHA, or Jumbo Loan. For more information about our loan programs, to apply online, or to speak with a home loan officer, visit

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At Vantage West, we believe that when our members and communities thrive, we thrive with them. In the spirit of collaboration, we constantly strive to create value to earn and reward member loyalty. This is important because the more engaged our members are, the more it benefits the credit union and our overall value proposition to the membership and to the communities we serve.

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