There’s no shortage of talk about the “main” living areas of the house, like the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom. But don’t discount the rooms that you might not use daily, as these spaces can often be a showcase for artful décor. A dining room, for example, is the perfect area to display the nuances of your taste — just don’t be surprised if you start looking for excuses to hang out there more frequently.

Stumped for ideas and bored with your space? Here are a few modern trends to consider if the dining room needs a bit of fresh air breathed into it.

  1. Mix up the furniture

Have you been hosting holidays with your mother’s classic wood dining room set for a while? Do find you’re just ready for something a little more lively? One of the top modern trends is mixing up dining room table and chair materials for a distinctive yet harmonious look. Try glass with wood, marble with metal or any other combination that appeals to your personal senses. It’s OK for things not to match, as long as they complement each other.

  1. Use bold accessories

Did you stow away the extravagant crystal decanter or the bright turquoise tablecloth that you purchased on a whim, feeling too sheepish to use them? Bring them out. Bold accessories are in, and your dining room will look richer and more inviting with a few special touches. Besides, letting the room reflect your not-for-everyday tastes will ensure that your friends get to know the real you, not just tired-mommy-who-shops-at-IKEA you.

  1. Establish a room centerpiece

Every room needs an eye-catching centerpiece, and dining rooms are included. So why not hang a beautiful painting on the wall, place a unique sculpture on the buffet or highlight the fireplace? If you can’t afford highend artwork, don’t despair. Shop around at local furniture stores or secondhand spots for reasonably priced wallart and framed prints.

  1. Get creative with lighting

Lighting is having a “moment,” as they say, and it seems that the bigger and less traditional, the better. So it might be time to get rid of that light fixture that came with your house and scout out a piece with a bit more “oomph.” Don’t forget dimming options so you can control brightness.

  1. Paint the walls

Speaking of brightening, how’s your wall color? You don’t have to settle for traditional white or beige. Try bold jewel tones such as deep blue, green or even violet, which can add class and depth to the room. If you do decide to keep the walls more neutral, take the opportunity to splash brighter colors elsewhere. Chair cushions, artwork, light fixtures and other decorative accents can kick the atmosphere up a notch.

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