When it comes to pull out shelves, you might think that they are only used for the kitchen. One of the best things about these types of shelves is that they are incredibly versatile. Not only can you utilize pull out shelving for practical purposes, you can use them in ways that you never thought possible.

Many of us have a lot of things that need to be stored. And storing our stuff can be quite a challenge. The main problem is a lack of space. The reality is that there are probably many storage spaces in your home that just need a little help. And by help we mean the addition of pull out shelves! You can create storage solution and even secret compartments with our shelving.

Another great aspect about pull out shelving from Shelves that Slide is that they are easy to install yourself. You really can install our pull-out slide-out shelves in as little as 5 minutes! However, don’t feel bad if it takes you a little longer than that for your first shelf. You simply mount the slide hardware, insert the pull out shelf, and then enjoy for many years to come. No more bending and reaching to see what is hiding in the back of your cabinets!

Ready for some unique ways to use pull out shelving? Read on!

Wine Cellars

Do you have a wine cellar, or are you in the process of building one in your home? If so, pull out shelves make a great addition. They provide easy access to all your favorite wines. You can leave the bottles in wooden boxes, and store these on the shelves. Or, try our Newline sliding shelves for the bottles themselves. You’ll always know what you have on hand when your wine is organized.

Perfect for RVs

Think pull out shelves are just for big living spaces? Think again! RVs are the next best thing in small living spaces, with the exception of tiny houses Whether you live in an RV or are traveling in one for the summer, it can be a challenge storing all your essentials. From kitchen essentials and clothing to laundry products and food items, finding room in a limited space may seem impossible. But thanks to pull out shelves, your RV space can be saved.

Laundry Room Saver

We have sliding shelves that make great additions to your laundry room. If you have a washer and dryer that are side by side (not stacked), and there is a little space between them, it’s the perfect place to install a pull out sliding shelf. If you have cabinets in your laundry room, even better! We have plenty of options for pull out shelves, including premium sliding shelves, NewLine, and Economy.

Arts and Crafts Organization

Do you or a family member enjoy arts and crafts activities? Perhaps you even have a room dedicated to your fabulous hobby. However, it’s possible that your items may be disarray. If you have deep cabinets in your arts and crafts room, pull out shelves work perfectly to get your items in order. Got space between two adjacent cabinets? Our 6” stainless base filler is a great idea to store small objects and tools.

Get Started Today!

For over two 20 years, Shelves that Slide has delighted customers with top-quality pullout shelving and other accessories. We enjoy helping you fall in love with your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, and more with our custom-made shelving. Using the best materials and painstaking craftmanship, we make some of the best sliding shelves money can buy. Contact us today for fabulous ideas for storage spaces!

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