None of us look old enough to have grandchildren, obviously, but you may have heard that some people do… and that visits by the grandkids can lead to some unexpected surprises around the house.

Volumes have been written about “childproofing your home.”  In a nanosecond, Google can produce more than 8 million items on that subject.

As grandkids grow older, childproofing evolves with them. 

But there are also some low-cost, do-it-yourself home improvements that might make visits more enjoyable for the kids and easier on your neighbor…or perhaps even you!

Game and Toy Area

Chances are, there is an area of your home — a room, a closet, a cupboard — where you keep books, videos, games, toys, craft supplies and, well, all your Silly Putty. In your view, it is pretty-well organized. But your 5-year-old grandson may well need to scatter every item in search of the Legos. This is especially true if you keep these things in a tub or box.

Veteran grandparents suggests finding shelf space, and one easy-to-install improvement would be the installation of rollout shelves. Sliding shelves roll forward and back, as would a drawer. This makes it easier for you to organize each shelf in your toy area — and for your grandchild to find the Robot Turtles that may be hidden behind the Chutes and Ladders.

Homework Area

Times are a-changin’, and so are our grandchildren. As they grow older, Crayons are discarded for Sharpies … pens … and, nowadays, iPads, laptops, smartphones and other electronics.

Make sure there is a power source near the table or desk. Particularly if this is a desk you yourself use when Tyler goes home, sliding shelves may help separate his tools from yours.  And drawer organizers within each rolling drawer can be a useful addition.

Guest Room

From time to time, grandkids may stay overnight or longer. Particularly if other, older houseguests may occasionally use the same room, having adequate shelf space and closet space is important.

Should you decide shelf space and drawer space will be at a premium. Shelves that slide within your chest of drawers, bookshelves and closest are a good addition — particularly if little Amanda sometimes leaves clothing items at your house to lighten her suitcase the next time she visits. Sliding shelves will make it easier for you to re-organize the area after she goes home, too!

Back Yard

Grandma and grandpa time is playtime, everyone knows that, and your back-yard figures to be a busy place. Identifying shelf space in your garage or an all-weather shed out back will enable you to gather the scooters, yard games and balls in one place.

Sliding shelves and Lazy Susans will help maximize the small spaces available, and — if you’re lucky — keep your back yard from looking like a tornado just left town. Lazy Susans come in a variety of heights and shapes. They’re easy to order and install.

Entertaining grandkids is one of the genuine joys in life. Have fun!

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