Since the days Americans first heard of gold in them thar’ hills and began heading west, our common image of a “Western Lifestyle” has included some consistent themes.

We think of a life that is slower, simpler, more comfortable. We think of being outdoors instead of indoors, warmth trumping cold, grilling steaks rather than haute cuisine. In short, a more comfortable, lived-in life than wherever folks may have lived before.

It should not be surprising, then, that homes of Westerners often feature rustic-style interiors.

The definition of “rustic,” like “beauty,” is in the eye of the beholder. But interior designers use words such as rugged, natural, warm, unpretentious.

In the 19th Century, New England Rustic featured Adirondack chairs from upstate New York. In the 21st-Century West, we think of unvarnished, unstained woods, metals, leathers and natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

A home does not need to be in the country to feel country. Even in a high-rise apartment, the casualness of rustic furniture fits well with Western living.

Picture, If You Will, a Picture

Looking for a place to start?

Picture, if you will, a picture. Wall art depicting mustangs  brings both vitality and the rustic style to the room.  If something more serene is your scene, you might choose a tranquil lakeside piece  or even a simple windmill.

Interestingly, a simple but visible piece of art can anchor a variety of vibrant themes for your home — even if the major furniture pieces are the same. 

If the snapshot is only hung in your mind, it will help lead your choices as you ponder elements for various rooms in your home.

A Modern Farmhouse look lends itself to any number of settings and can easily be tweaked with your choice of accents and accessories.

Styles Easily Mix and Match

A surprising benefit of rustic interiors is their flexibility.  A Trembolt leather sofa can stand comfortably beside a Copeland wood-framing-linen chair.

Rustic furniture can range from relatively ornate, such as this Banner loveseat  to the comparatively austere Blackwood.

If your space is large, an Amandine sectional provides a great way to warm and soften the room.

Your rustic setting gives you a broad range of fun table options too.

There are also casual collections, like this one from Bradley.

Dress Up Dining Room for Casual Dining

Not many of us summon the ranch hands to the table with a dinner bell anymore, but rustic choices give you great flexibility in the dining room. Case in point is Sommorford dining set featuring a reclaimed pine pedestal table with fabric chairs.

A simpler, more casual choice might be the 6-piece Whitesburg set featuring four chairs and a bench.

Is it time to refresh your bedroom?  Again, rustic styles are warm, comfortable and flexible. Your farmhouse bed come from the Wynnlow Panel collection.

A lighter, more contemporary look is offered by Willowton.

Metals are common staples of rustic furniture.  Here is a powdercoat-finished metal bed from Nashburg.

Where Will Everything Go?

If closet and dresser space is challenging, Bellaby offers a platform bed with storage at ground level.

Predictably, there are dozens of choices when choosing tables and dressers.  There is woodsy, from Blaneville.

Or waxed mango from Halamay.

Or darker, more handsome sets, such as this from Froshburg.

Right Accents Can Punctuate Any Room

Perhaps no other furniture style offers so many fun and creative accent options as does rustic.  They might range from floor mats that look like hardwood panels  to designer milk cans to fun pendant lights.

All made possible within the broad boundaries of rustic interiors.  Seldom has a six-letter word held more possibilities than the r-u-s-t-i-c  when it comes to furnishing your home.

How are you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Paris?  Now they can bring the “farm” right along with them!

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