Fall is officially here, which means the holidays are just around the corner. It also means your kitchen is going to get more of a work out than usual as you prepare pies, soups and other seasonal treats for family and friends.

How do you prepare?

It’s essential to organize your kitchen area to accommodate the amount of cooking and baking you’ll be doing. A messy space will only add stress as you waste time looking for the right sized pan, or worse, end up burning the food while you’re searching for the correct utensil.

A quick way to create extra storage space is installing shelves that slide in your cabinets. Pull out shelving makes it possible to use full surface space and eliminate hard-to-reach places. They also come in various sizes to fit into other hard to reach spaces, such as near corners of your wall, where access would be otherwise impossible!

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or other holiday parties, you’ll also need to keep the space guest-friendly. First, take a look at your furniture, including chairs and bar stools, and make sure you have enough to seat guests comfortably. If you want people to take their shoes off, make sure a rack is readily available and a place for to hang up coats.

You must also protect your kitchen from the many people wandering in and out during the festivities. Consider adding doorstoppers where necessary, and put out plenty of napkins and paper towels. If your plates and glassware can’t be displayed, then try to store them in a place that feels like common sense, so people aren’t confused and start rifling through your drawers.

Creating a Social Flow

With so much traffic your kitchen this season, you want to create as much open space as possible. Walk through and take inventory of anything on your floor, especially unsightly trash bins. Installing a roll out shelf below your kitchen sink is a great and convenient place to store your trash and recycling bins. It keeps them out of the way, so no one has to see or smell them. If you have a broom and dust pan, make sure they’re in the closet.

For more information on getting organized this season, to speak with an expert or to schedule a free in-home, no obligation consultation, contact Shelves That Slide at sales@shelvesthatslide.com or 800-598-7390. You can also visit their website at www.shelvesthatslide.com for more tips and guides.

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