Do you need to get on your knees and use a flashlight to try and see what’s in the back of your kitchen’s corner cabinet? Many times those blind corner cabinets are underutilized because they’re so difficult to access. Fortunately, there are shelving systems that make finding what’s tucked away in those blind corner cabinets much easier.

The Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susan

This is the simplest and least expensive solution to those corner cabinet woes. Just like a round peg in a square hole, there’ll be some wasted space around the edges with this lazy Susan system. However, you won’t need a flashlight or knee pads when you access it! 

This sturdy system can be used in either left or right-hand cabinets and is exceptionally quiet. You even have the option to choose between two access systems such as in one design, one shelf swings around while the other shelf pivots and slides out for better access. In the other design option, both shelves swing around and slide out. There is also a third option for a single tier pivot and slide shelve, which is a half-moon lazy Susan, ideal for smaller items like herbs, flavorings, and spices.

The Blind Corner Optimizer by Rev-A-Shelf

A blind corner optimizer, by our Rev-A-Shelf, is ideal for those who need to get every last inch of use from that blind cabinet. Open the door, and you have immediate access to one set of two chrome baskets. Pull them out of the cabinet and slide them aside for access to the other set of two baskets. That’s right, this entire storage unit can be pulled out of the cabinet! Store your biggest pots in that formerly wasted space and access them with ease with the Optimizer system. It may cost more, but when space is at a premium, then it’ll be well worth the price.

Let Us Solve Your Storage Problems

At Shelves That Slide, we’ve provided storage solutions to thousands of happy customers. We offer only the highest-quality storage products and kitchen accessories to make storing more fun and keep your life organized and clean. If your blind corner cabinet is just wasted space, contact us for the solution to those corner cabinet blues today!

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