Have you been thinking about getting sliding shelves but are apprehensive about installation? Well, one of the best things about shelves that slide (besides their ability make your life easier) is that they are simple to install yourself. In fact, you really can install our pull-out slide-out shelves in as little as 5 minutes! However, don’t feel bad if it takes you a little longer than that for your first shelf. You simply mount the slide hardware, insert the pull out shelf, and then enjoy for many years to come. No more bending and reaching to see what is hiding in the back of your cabinets!

There are four ways to mount our sliding shelves into your cabinet, but the most common way is mounting them on an existing full-sized shelf or cabinet base. Here’s what you should know about installing your custom-made pull out shelves:

Let the Shelf Be Your Tool

The first thing to remember is to use the shelf as your placement guide and tool for setting the slides. The right side of the drawer slides are the control side and the left side is the free side that allows for adjustment of the assembly. If there are any problems with side alignment will be on the left side, and the right side will align itself. So, remember to pay attention to the left side slide.

Mounting Onto a Cabinet Base

The easiest and usually strongest method of installing Shelves that Slide is when you are mounting onto a full depth existing shelf or the cabinet base. You first need to find out if the existing shelf is permanent or adjustable. If it’s permanent, you can move right along to the installation of the sliding shelf.

An adjustable shelf involves an examination of what is holding it up—are they plastic clips or pins? If so, you’ll need to replace them with metal ones so that the shelf is sturdier. The second consideration goes right along with the first in that when the loaded shelf is extended it will want to lift up in the back. This is easily remedied by placing a couple of screws in either the back or the side walls just above the existing shelf and leave the head sticking out far enough to hold the screw down.

Installation of Slides

Set the slides onto the existing shelf or cabinet base at the approximate width of the sliding shelf. Engage the shelf slides into the cabinet slides by setting the wheeled end of the shelf slide over the wheeled end of the cabinet slide.

The most important side to get in place is the right side. You can always slip the left side into place after getting the right side in properly. Insert the shelf fully into the cabinet and align the front of the shelf to be square with the cabinet front and have the proper set back.

When you have the shelf adjusted, press down slightly and slide the shelf forward just far enough to expose the rear brackets. Insert a screw in one of the slots in the right rear bracket. Now slide the shelf back into place and check the alignment. When it is adjusted properly, slide the shelf out again to expose the rear bracket and place a screw in the opposite side slotted hole in a slot that goes from left to right and tighten moderately.

Again, slide the shelf in and check alignment. If all is well, you can carefully slide of the shelf without disturbing the position of the front brackets. This may take a couple of tries. Install screws in the front brackets the same as you did for the rear brackets. Insert the shelf again and check alignment. After you get everything aligned you can remove the shelf and install a screw in the center hole of the bracket to lock it in place, two screws per bracket is all that is needed. Your sliding shelf is now installed!

Make Your Life Easier with Shelves that Slide

Organization and convenience work hand-and-hand with Shelves That Slide. Our goal is simple – to offer top quality sliding shelves and more from a quality company that cares about their customers. With over 25 years of experience we know what works and what doesn’t! Contact us today to transform your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and other home spaces to make your life easier!

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Shelves that Slide Inc "We Make Your Life Easier" with custom made rollout kitchen shelving designed for your existing cabinets. Think of us as your shelf depot. It does not matter whether you call them pullouts, sliding shelves, glide out shelfs, pull-out shelving, rollouts, sliders etc. We offer a large selection of custom made shelves and other accessories to help organize your kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets. We really do make your life easier and we have been doing so for over twenty years! We ship our pull outs all across the United States and Canada.

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