sts main.jpgNow that the weather has been cooling off, it truly feels like the holiday season. That means it’s time to hit the sales and start scouring shopping malls for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But what do you get someone that seems to have everything? This is a common problem for most during this time of year and leaves people feeling the stress of gift giving rather than focusing on cheerful festivities. If you’re looking for something that is unconventional, yet practical and long-lasting, think of giving the gift of Shelves That Slide.

Nearly everyone has seen or knows someone with sliding shelves. Often times they’re referred to as rolling shelves, slide out trays, pull out shelves, extending shelves, and the list goes on. But regardless of what you call them, there is no doubt that sliding shelves are an organizational blessing to any home space.

Is there someone you know that could use more organization in their life? Maybe someone is moving or remodeling their living area and is in need of sprucing up their feng shui. This holiday season, provide the tools necessary for transforming a house into a home through the multiple uses of these rolling shelves.

With simple installation, sliding shelves can be the instant and unexpected tool that will have you saying, “Who knew I had all this space?” Shelves That Slide are the number one- Tucson trusted pull out shelf company that is here to answer all of your home organization needs.

Sliding shelves are the perfect addition to any home. Of course, most people are aware of the basic method of using shelves that slide, such as in the kitchen or pantry, or even in a laundry room. But did you know that the possibilities with Shelves That Slide are virtually endless? It only takes a little creative thinking, or even just using this blog for inspiration.

Here are 4 unexpected, unique, and versatile ways your gift recipient can use rolling shelves:

wine-pull-out-drawer-1.jpgIn a wine cellar. Pull-out drawers are particularly great in this environment. They allow you to safely store your wine bottles where they can be seen. Since the shelves pull out, the bottle are more easily accessible and you can continue collecting bottles without wasting much space. You can even have them stacked on top of one another for more efficient storage! pull-out-under-stairs-drawer.jpg

Under the stairs. Rolling shelves are a storage option that very useful for small spaces. Since this space is often overlooked or just stuffed with junk, this one may require you to think more creatively and be inventive. However you choose to use the shelves, it is a great technique for taking advantage of this space. Maybe you could turn it into an inconspicuous bookcase or just use it as an organized storage area for miscellaneous items.

cd804f983c38cf66b6f321f79575527f.jpgIn your closet. If you have a walk-in closet, then you probably want to have everything organized and neatly on display. Sliding shelves can be very useful in this space for this reason. Use them to store your shoes, bags, belts, ties, or whatever closet item you can think of neatly in your closet. That way, you’ll never be late from having to rummage in your closet for something again!
In a home office or craft room. These spaces in a home are often overlooked when organizing a home, but are almost always the ones that need the organization the most. Shelves That Slide are a great way to organize all your office or craft supplies. These types of rooms are filled with large items that make it hard to decorate or ones that cause eye-sores, such as printers, file cabinets, computers, sewing machines, craft supplies, etc. Sliding shelves will help you store all these items and keep them organized so you can focus on being productive, and not on searching for your materials.c4131bb9dd96cff19dd522b033d0cdca.jpg

Now, these options are definitely not an exhaustive list of how to use Shelves That Slide.

Once you visit the company’s website, you can see the range of products that can be used throughout the house.

Whether the recipient you are thinking of is a DIY crafter, collecting wino, or busy parent, Shelves That Slide grants high-quality organization along with seamless aesthetic appeal that is sure to please anyone that is on your nice list.

Shelves That Slide is Arizona’s original, most trusted, and experienced pull out shelf company. They are happy to assist customers in saving money and making their homes more efficient, and with over 20 years of service, Shelves That Slide knows what works and what doesn’t!

Once you have had pull out shelves installed, you will wonder how and why you ever lived without them.

If you would like more information about Shelves That Slide and everything that they offer, visit their website or give them a call at 800-598-7390.


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