Here at the Arizona Daily Star and we are constantly adding features, benefits and value to your subscription. We try to make sure each and every one of our customers are taken care of and get the products they want in a convenient manner. We offer a wide variety of subscriptions to cater to each and every home’s individual wants and needs.

1. Home Delivery

Full Access subscribers receive the Arizona Daily Star printed edition delivered to their home. When you think about it, it is really an incredible service! Each night, a team of nearly 300 home delivery carriers receives papers from the plant in sections, assembles their papers at one of our centralized distribution centers, and delivers up to 70,000 individual papers. Remember, its dark out when they do this, and the distribution lists change every day. It is truly a daily miracle, and an incredible value! For more information on Home Delivery subscription service CLICK HERE.

2. E-Newspaper

The e-Newspaper is an exact digital replica of the daily print newspaper, viewable on computer, tablet or smartphone. It reads like a newspaper and the pages even “flip.” Best of all, you can increase the print size. You can print out puzzles and email stories to family and friends. Here is a video on how to access and use the e-newspaper:


3. Newsletters

Included with your subscription is access to all of our curated newsletters, conveniently aggregating information on the topics you’re interested in, and delivering it straight to your e-mail box!  Find out about, and sign up for our newsletters here:


4. Mobile Apps

On the go? Keep up with all things Tucson by installing our apps on your mobile devices.  The apps are free, but only subscribers get unlimited access to the content. Find our app in your devices application store and download for FREE today!

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5. E-book Library

Subscribers get access to Arizona Daily Star’s library of e-books, a collection of both fiction and non-fiction works, mostly set in southern Arizona. Subscribers can download these e-books for FREE here!

6. Archives

All subscriptions include digital access to every edition of the Star since July 2007. Our archives are fully searchable, and all content and pictures are downloadable and sharable. Archives are accessed through the e-newspaper interface.

7. Special Sections

Throughout each year, we publish special sections highlighting the topics our readers find most interesting. From travel to sports, puzzles, crafts and more, you’re sure to find these special sections entertaining and enlightening. As a subscriber, you have access to all of these sections.

8. Pricing

We have customized three subscription packages that are catered to you and your needs. You also get 6 months of home delivery at our reduced, promotional rates.

Full Access Monday – Sunday Subscription ($10/mo for 6 months)

This package includes home delivery of the print edition 7 days a week plus full access to all of our digital content and products. Stay informed with all local news and get the best local business and sports coverage delivered straight to your door daily!
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Full Access Wednesday – Sunday Subscription ($9/mo for 6 months)

This package includes home delivery of the print edition 5 days a week plus full access to all of our digital content and products. Get the most out of your weekend with all sports events, movie listings, family fun ideas and more!
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Full Access Wednesday and Sunday Subscription ($5.70/mo for 6 months)

This package includes delivery of the print edition 2 days a week plus full access to all of our digital content and products. Wednesday’s paper has the food section and grocery ads while Sunday has the largest package of the week!
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