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When I’m shopping for holiday décor, I go for unique, fun pieces that easily bring a smile to everyone’s face. Probably because getting into the holiday spirit in Tucson is already a unique, fun experience; for starters, not a lot of folks get to put up Christmas lights in shorts and a t-shirt.

tomtebod_gnomes_2.pngOne look at the whimsical variety of holiday accessories at Copenhagen Imports instantly brings a little light and happiness to your day. The rule around my house, due to a slight over-abundance of holiday decorations, is a limit of one new item a year. This year I’m guaranteed to end up on the naughty list thanks to the fun, smile-inducing, Hoptimists and Tomtebod gnomes.

tomtebod_gnomes_1.png“The Hoptimists just make you smile as soon as you touch the little heads and they bounce around,” says Jorgen Hansen, owner of Copenhagen Imports. These unique pieces, made in Denmark, are, according to their makers, literally designed to bring joy. “We want to share this joy, the energy and a belief that anything is possible, with you. That is why we make Hoptimists.” The special holiday editions will no doubt be a huge hit with the kiddos and adults alike.
Åsas Tomtebod gnomes from Sweden have an amazing hand-made feel that feels like home to me. Taller than the holiday favorite, Elf on the Shelf, these other mythical mischief-makers are too cute to pass up. These little guys, made from special curly gray wool from sheep on an island in Sweden definitely qualify as unique.

Decorating the house for the holidays, for me, invokes feelings of warmth and fun and family. Just the thought of adding these two pieces to my collection makes me excited to get started.

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