Are you prepared to welcome in the holiday spirit with your favorite recipes? Then it’s time to make sure your kitchen is fully prepped, too. The heart of your home during the holidays is also the mission control of what makes every mouth-watering moment possible. If you have visions of Grandma’s gingerbread men, your signature sweet potato surprise and other festive culinary fantasies dancing in your head, you may need a little help with how you plan to organize all those spices.

An organized seasoning and spice area is a must-have tool to bring your holiday recipes to life. Every ingredient you need should be ready to use when you need it. You’re probably familiar with the “work triangle” – a popular kitchen design that uses the best efficiency of the space to keep all necessary work areas within a manageable distance.

Now consider the current state of your spice rack or shelf. Is that a fully functional part of your work triangle or is does it resemble something more like the Bermuda Triangle?

Keeping your spices stacked on your counter is never an ideal long-term solution. That’s valuable real estate needed for rolling out dough and chopping vegetables. Plus, any direct sunlight can cause spices to weaken and possibly change the flavor of your holiday favorites. 

Whether your kitchen is a chef’s dream or not, how you organize your seasonings could most likely use a little more zing to create the best strategy to tackle all of your holiday cooking and baking.

Reimagine Your Pantry

When you open your pantry door, is it possible to actually find anything without having to fumble around? No matter how big your pantry is, having stationary shelves will not help you easily create any magic this holiday season.

Update your pantry with pull-out shelves to gain full view of all the sugar and spice you need. Custom-sized shelves help you locate every stick of cinnamon and grain of Kosher salt. Neatly arranged containers simply roll out and roll back to save you time and energy.

Shelves designed to hold the extra weight can be used to store your other cooking and baking tools, including stand mixers. You can keep them handy, safe and out of the way until you need to use them.

Put a Lazy Susan to Work

If you have your spices pushed together into a cramped corner of a shelf, a Lazy Susan can help. Find the perfect design that best fits an existing space or create a new one. Lazy Susans are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

A D-shape creates usable space in a corner cabinet or that unseen pantry area. A half-moon Lazy Susan breathes life into those smaller, forgotten spaces with its pivot and slide motion for easy grab-and-go use. Full circle Lazy Susans with multiple, tiered shelves add storage and mobility. Just take it for a spin to instantly reveal the next ingredient on the list. 

Designate a Drawer

Rethink how you organize your spices by dedicating one of your kitchen drawers to be a custom spice rack. Not only does a drawer insert add extra convenience to your prep area, it can be  customized to fit your drawer’s dimensions.

A drawer insert offers an innovative way to arrange spice containers, so anyone creating a holiday specialty can quickly find just the right pinch of flavor. It also helps you determine when your supplies are running low.

Discover the In-Between

Transform that unused decorative space in between your cabinets with a vertical, pullout shelf. A base-filler shelf is a welcome addition when you are tight on storage and big on spices. You can even customize it, by adding a full collection of flavors just for the holidays.

This easy in-and-out shelf is also helpful if you plan to have little kitchen elves working with you in the kitchen. Children and adults can use its unique push-and-pull design to quickly find the most colorful decorations, which comes in handy when making cookies for Santa.

Put a lot more merry into every delicious creation you make this holiday season. Adding the perfect storage space for your spices is a gift that will definitely keep on giving for years to come.

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