More and more people are considering the many advantages of Life Plan Communities like Splendido, a community in Oro Valley for those 55 and better.

How does your plan for the future look? If you’re a planner, you’ve already got your investments and assets figured out and your estate plan in order. But there are other important aspects of planning that are often ignored.

More and more people are considering the many advantages of Life Plan Communities. These are age-restricted, amenity-rich retirement residences where people live independently, with additional health care services available should the need ever arise. This is a unique type of community, because it offers the added comfort of access to care on-site, ensuring people can essentially “age in place,” having planned ahead.

Peace of Mind in Oro Valley

A local example is Splendido, a Life Plan Community for those 55 and better in Oro Valley. When you choose to live at Splendido, you pay a one-time entrance fee. Unlike a home purchase that can fluctuate in value, a move to Splendido offers the added security of investment protection; 90% of your entrance fee is guaranteed back to you or your estate, providing financial peace of mind for you and your family. You will also pay a monthly fee, which will vary depending on the size of the home you choose, to cover your daily living expenses and services like housekeeping and home maintenance.

“You move in while you’re independent and can take advantage of our wonderful services and amenities,” explains Splendido Executive Director James Edwartoski. “And you have access—when needed—to Sonora, our on-site health center that includes assisted living and memory care suites, as well as Medicare-certified skilled nursing care.”

And in terms of future care, Sonora is ranked #1 in Arizona health centers by the American Health Care Association based on the association’s evaluation of data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).

“We’ve recently welcomed several residents who were specifically seeking a Life Plan Community,” says James. “They are familiar with the valuable benefits of having access to care. One woman told me, ‘Someday, something’s going to happen, and we don’t want to be scrambling around trying to figure out what to do and where to go.’ That sums up the major benefit of choosing Splendido!”

A Comprehensive Plan for the Future

By moving to a Life Plan Community, you get to enjoy the lifestyle you want, and avoid the worry about unexpected changes in living expenses and health care. You can take comfort knowing that in the years ahead, if an unexpected health issue arises, you won’t be a burden to family or friends. You can rest easy with a plan in place, and you’ll continue to be in control of your lifestyle.

If you’re a planner and want to have control over where you live and how and where you will receive future long-term care (should you ever need it), a Life Plan Community like Splendido is worth a closer look.

About Splendido

Welcome to Splendido, a unique, all-inclusive community in Tucson for adults age 55 and better. Splendido offers new possibilities each day—as endless as the horizon and the starry southwest skies. Enjoy fine resort amenities and numerous options for healthy lifestyles—from the menus in our restaurants to our spa and fitness center to myriad program offerings for almost any interest. And then there are the breathtaking views of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

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