Tiny homes are incredibly popular these days. People are creating their dream homes from the ground up for a fraction of the price of a big home. They’re choosing to downsize rather than go bigger, and for good reasons. A tiny home can save you a lot of money compare to a standard size house. However, as you probably guessed, space is sacrificed in a small living space.

And when we say small space, we mean small! A tiny home is classified as a home that is generally smaller than 500 square feet. That’s smaller than some studio apartments! Since your tiny house kitchen space is so limited, virtually every inch must be functional. It also means that the space needs to work even harder to do the job.

It’s possible to make your tiny home kitchen space feel big with the right organization additions and tips. Shelves that Slide offers ideal options in organizational accessories and pull out shelves that are perfect for your tiny home! And even if you don’t live in a smaller space, your kitchen can still benefit from the following tips.

Ways to Create Space in a Tiny Home Kitchen

Pull outs

These filler pull outs create wonderful slim space. They completely transform the wasted space behind decorative fillers into functional storage pullouts. Not only do they provide great additional storage space, they allow you to easily access items. Available in 3″ and 6″ widths for base and wall cabinet applications, these awesome storage shelves are perfect for spices, oils, wine, and more.

Wire accessories

The bottoms of your cabinets are extremely useful when you have limited space in your kitchen. Rely on our various wire accessories that screw to the bottom of your cabinets and make the space super functional. Consider a bottle rack, quad stemware mount, and stemware holder to store essentials without clutter.

Our tray/lid divider is simple yet genius. It cuts down on storage space for pot and pan lids, baking trays, and more. Plus, it has a see-through wire design and snaps out for easy cleaning.

Tip out trays

If you’ve got a sink with a fake drawer on the front of it, you’re not the only one! This fake space is confusing because it doesn’t create any space at all – that is, unless you transform it into a tip out tray. It becomes the perfect place for storing that sponge or scrubber, not to mention that bar of soap. Some Rev-a-shelf tip outs even have a place to hold your rings.

How to Keep Your Tiny House Kitchen Tidy

Trash systems

Enlist our small waste management systems to keep trash out of sight. The best part is that our pull-out systems are easy to access. We offer many options, too! If you prefer to add your own waste container, consider slide out shelves in medium or tall side. We even have rev-a-shelf systems that come with Rubbermaid waste containers to keep trash contained and tidy.

Laundry organizers

Many tiny houses have laundry areas right next to the kitchen. We have pull out hampers to help organize your laundry. Available in wire, polymer, and canvas baskets as well as pull out and tilt out versions, these hampers make laundry easier to store and handle in small spaces.

Shelves that Slide Will Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Isn’t it time that you make your life easier by adding pullout shelves to your home? Shelves that Slide offers a large selection of custom made shelves and other accessories to help organize your kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets. We are proud of the pullout shelves that we build, and we stand behind them! We really do make your life easier and we have been doing so for over twenty years! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you have any questions about home organization or any of our products.



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