Most likely, you and your family are staying home more these days, and somehow, the mounting pile of laundry never seems to end. While you can’t stop the laundry, you can update your laundry room to be more organized and efficient helping the chore speed by.

Perk up your laundry room and keep it well organized with our great selection of products so you can streamline your days of washing and drying.

Hampers Galore

Laundry hampers are essential in organizing and separating your dirty clothing. Our line of hampers is great for any room in your house. Whether you’re looking for bathroom storage for dirty towels and washcloths, or a place to put your kid’s dirty clothes in a closet, we have it all. 

Some of our hampers come equipped with sliding shelves to make it easy to open and close in tight spaces.  Having a variety of hampers throughout your house will keep your laundry piles organized and keep it from accumulating to the point of being overwhelming.

Organize Your Laundry Products

Laundry rooms can have many products – from detergent to fabric softener, stain fighters, and more – so it’s important to keep them within reach and organized for ease.  A Lazy Susan is a great way to arrange your detergents and stain sticks out of sight while offering easy access when they’re needed.

If your laundry room is home to more than just laundry products, consider using it to organize your cleaning supplies. You can even invest in two Lazy Susan’s to further organize and separate your products and supplies within your laundry room’s storage cabinets. 

Ironing and Drying Centers

If you have the space, save time by designating portions of the laundry room for different tasks. Create a space for air drying by equipping it with a drying rack. Make ironing easier with an easily accessible ironing board just outside the dryer. These types of organizational ideas will help you streamline your laundry process and get you out of the laundry room sooner.

For more products and ideas to help you organize the rooms in your home, please contact us today.

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