Few experiences are as pleasant as making new memories with your friends and family outdoors. As the days become longer and the weather becomes warmer, summer is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. While you may find yourself striving to stay safe and healthy by staying home as much as possible this summer, making your home and backyard a comfortable place to relax is more important than ever. If transforming your outdoor living space into a personal oasis seems like an overwhelming feat, Ashley Homestore is here to help. With a few simple tips, you’ll be able to give your backyard a much-needed upgrade quickly and easily. 

Layer with Lights

For better or worse, lighting can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of a space. Just like in your home, lights can make or break the overall look you are trying to capture in your backyard. To keep your outdoor area warm and welcoming, consider hanging string lights around your porch or patio. Similarly, incorporating lighting features in your trees or landscaping is an effective way to give your yard a sophisticated, romantic feel. If your space still feels like something is missing, try adding a small table lamp next to your patio furniture. You may be surprised by the difference a small touch of light can make!

Have Fun with a Bar

Your backyard doesn’t have to be spacious to entertain family and friends. Providing an area to enjoy a cold drink on a warm afternoon is all you need to make your guests feel right at home. If your budget or space is limited, get creative. Pair an umbrella with a small table, invest in a simple bar cart, or swap out the tools on your workbench for an ice bucket and drinkware to accompany an intimate patio set. At Ashley Homestore, we also offer a selection of outdoor bar furniture to help you complete your space. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building your ideal outdoor bar. You certainly won’t regret making room for this outdoor entertaining essential.

Upgrade Patio Furniture

Revamping your backyard into a space that is chic and inviting could be as simple as replacing old patio furniture. When looking for an upgrade, be sure to consider the size of the space you’ll be filling, what you’ll be using the furniture for, and how many people will make use of it at any given time. Outdoor furniture may be the most important feature that you invest in since it’s likely where your family will spend most of their time when you entertain, so it’s critical that it meets your needs. Great patio furniture doesn’t have to break the bank but a little planning is key. Ashley Homestore has many outdoor furniture options to fit the style and features you’re looking for.

Add a Firepit

Firepits are the ultimate outdoor entertaining accessory. They’re ideal for entertaining guests or bringing your family together on summer evenings. Even better, they provide a cozy atmosphere without taking up much space. Firepits can be found in a large variety of styles and sizes, which make them a great option for nearly any backyard.

Incorporate Indoor Elements

If you’re looking to give your porch a facelift in as little as one day, try bringing some indoor elements outside. Add decorative throw pillows to your conversation set, install breezy curtain panels around your patio, or drape a woven blanket on the back of your outdoor sectional to instantly pull your look together. With a few indoor accessories, your backyard is sure to look as cozy as it feels.

Make Use of Greenery

To keep your backyard fresh and inviting, plants are a must. Once you’ve selected the perfect outdoor furniture, accessories, and entertaining elements, it’s time to incorporate some greenery. Be sure to use an array of different types and styles, including hanging plants, potted plants, and flowers to keep the space visually intriguing. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! There are many plants on the market today that require very little care, such as succulents, as well as artificial plants that look strikingly realistic. 

Eat Outdoors

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy weeknight meal with family or hosting a get-together for guests on the weekend, eating outdoors is fun. While an outdoor dining set is certainly a nice addition to your backyard if your patio is spacious enough to accommodate one, you don’t need an enormous porch to have the luxury of eating under the sky. If your patio area is cramped or you don’t have one at all, a picnic table could be a great alternative for your outdoor dining needs. Paired with an oversized umbrella to shade you during the day and playful string lanterns to help you see at night, you may find yourself eating in your backyard more than your dining room.

Set the Mood with Sound

Creating a relaxing ambiance isn’t only about what furnishings and decorations you use in your outdoor entertaining space. Providing the right background noise is an easy way to make your backyard a tranquil place to unwind after a long day or bring your party to life when friends stop by. To ensure that your favorite music is only one click away, install speakers around your porch area. If you plan on spending plenty of time in the yard itself, strategically incorporate speakers in with your landscaping so you can hear your tunes no matter where you are in the space. Another great option to create calming background noise is installing a water feature. Not only will the sound of running water provide a peaceful element to your backyard, but a water fountain can be a lovely accessory to make your space feel even more luxurious.

Transforming your backyard doesn’t have to cost you an exorbitant amount of time, money, or effort. Whether you are looking to make a few small improvements to your outdoor living space or are undergoing a complete redesign, Ashley Homestore has everything you need to make the most of your backyard this summer. With a wide variety of outdoor furnishings and accessories, our experienced design team is eager to help your backyard dreams become a reality. Visit our convenient showroom locations or contact us today!


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