Meal prepping is all the rage, and for good reasons! It’s a smart way to plan your meals and perfectly portion out your food for 5 to 7 days. Meal Prep Sunday is a day that’s widely observed in the fitness community and with people who just want to be efficient.

Meal prepping is the best way to stay on track of your diet and busy schedule. Studies show that people who spend more time preparing meals are more likely to have healthier diets. Usually, meal prep is molded around a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 work schedule. Meal prepping is done on the weekends since there is enough time to prep the necessities for the week.

If your food, spices, kitchen tools, and storage items are unorganized and all over the place, meal prepping can be a messy and time-consuming nightmare. Luckily, Shelves that Slide has some options to make meal prepping easier – making your life easier, too!

Cookware Organizers

Prepping your meals involves the use of multiple pots and pans. But what if yours aren’t organized properly? Revolutionize the way you store your pots, pans, and lids with the Base Cabinet Pullout 2 Tier Cookware Organizer. The top tier organizes lids and the bottom tier features adjustable dividers to store a variety of larger pots and pans. The bottom, side, and rear mounting provide you the sturdiness you expect and easy installation.

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller for your heavy pots and pans, our Double Pull Out Wire Basket fits the bill nicely. This two-tier wire basket pull out shelves take care of your base cabinet storage needs. Heavy duty chrome wire baskets support your heaviest pots and pans. It’s also available in single, too.

Spice Organizers

Herbs and spices are so important when you’re cooking healthy, tasty meals. Are your spices all over the place and in no order? This makes it difficult to know what spices and herbs you have on hand. With cabinet fillers, now you can find whatever spice you need in a jiffy to reduce your meal preparation time! Rev-A-Shelf did not just create another organizer –  they created the whole cabinet that transforms the dead space behind decorative fillers into functional storage pullouts.

Our drawer organizers also make it easy to keep track of your favorite spices while freeing up valuable counter space. Trimmed to fit, these drawer organizers are a must if you do a lot of meal prepping on the fly.

Lazy Susans

Buying dry food items in bulk is often cheaper and of better quality. Plus, you’ll always have staples on hand to make basic meals for prepping in advance. However, if you’ve got an awkward cabinet space, it can be a challenge finding your bulk dry goods and meal prep containers. Make reaching items easier by installing a Lazy Susan. Lazy Susans and their rotating shelves allow you to find everything you need. Store canned foods, pastas, rice, cereals, and other items on the multiple shelves so that they’re ready to go on Food Prep Day.

Storage for Knives

When you’re meal prepping, it’s convenient to have knives stored somewhere you can access them easily. Not to mention, it’s safer too! You probably do a lot of cutting, chopping, and mincing while you’re making your meals for the week. Our Knife Holder Cutting Board replaces your drawer with this combination knife holder cutting board. It also includes a removable cutting board with mineral oil treatment. This Trimmable Knife Block with Divider provides more storage than a traditional knife block and can be trimmed to fit your drawer, saving valuable countertop space.

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