When we set out to improve our homes we often focus so much on our living rooms and kitchens that we forget about what gives us the first impression: the entryway. An entryway gives your guests the first look at what they can expect and the personality that comes through from the decor choices. And for the homeowner, the entryway is both a breath of fresh air and a sign of relief. It should welcome you home, bring you back into your comfort zone, and do so in a way that is functional but doesn’t diminish your design aesthetic.

Your First Big Choice

The cornerstone of any entryway is either a table or a bench, and a couple of factors can help make that decision. If space is an issue, a small table can serve the core need of being a place to store keys and anything else that comes out of our pockets as you come home from a long day. A small lamp or accent piece can spice up an otherwise dull table along with a small vase of flowers. Don’t forget about underneath the table as well. One or two stylish containers can be placed underneath the table for extra storage. Try to keep the design cohesive, but allow yourself room for one or two pieces to stick out and grab some attention. An antique container is a trendy pick, with vintage stores or flea markets being a great place to look. Rough textures like burlap or canvas can be a great addition to your under-the-table storage and provide some contrast to the rest of the design.

If your entryway doesn’t lack space, consider a longer console table or bench to hug the entryway wall.  A longer table provides more options for decor, and gives room to get sentimental by showcasing your favorite photos. Get creative with your accent pieces and make them personal, like a stack of your favorite books or a memento from a special trip. A small tray on the console table to hold your keys and other pocket items can keep things from getting messy. 

A bench is a great idea if you have the space for it and want immediate relief for your tired legs upon coming home. Mid-century styles are popular along with more rustic looks, but don’t worry too much about having your entryway sync with every other room in your house. After all, you won’t be spending that much time there. 

Deciding On Your Rack Needs

The unavoidable aspect of every design for an entryway is functionality. This is where we store shoes, coats, hats, and anything else we want to shed in order to get the comforts of home. Choose your bench or console table first, and let that decision inform your setup for racks. Underneath a console table is a great place to get a shoe rack out of the way while staying very accessible.  Hall trees are another option that have become popular, and for good reason. They’re multi-purpose and come in a variety of styles to fit your theme, so consider a hall tree if your entryway has space limitations that would prohibit a large bench or console table.

Make Your Entryway Truly Welcoming At Ashley HomeStore

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