How Pull-Out Shelving and Other Tools Accommodate Independent Living

Independent living involves many challenges. Adapting and making changes for the elderly and/or disabled can make living alone safer. It can also help them to live independently longer. Making modifications to a home means that aging people and those with disabilities won’t have to avoid spending time in rooms like the kitchen and bath. Plus, making a home more accessible and accommodating gives it a more competitive edge.

More than 14% of the population in the US are senior citizens, and more than 50 million Americans have a disability of some sort. So, it makes sense to invest in accommodating features in your home. While many newly built homes already have these features already, most older homes are not designed this way.

The kitchen is generally the most used and popular room in the house. Many seniors find that their current kitchen’s features are not compatible with their needs. As a result, they tend to avoid preparing meals. Features like pull-out shelves, Lazy Susans, trash systems, and more provide the accessibility they need to feel comfortable in their kitchen.

Pull-Out Shelves for Independent Living

Our pull-out shelves are custom-made with high quality materials. They are ideal to install in your kitchen cabinets as well as pantry cabinets and bathroom cabinets. The best part is that sliding shelves eliminate the need for bending over and searching the back of your cabinets. Just pull out the shelf, and your equipment is at your fingertips.

So, are slide out shelves difficult to install? It turns out that installing pull out shelving is quite easy. If you or your loved one needs help, ask a friend or family member. The process is pretty simple!

The most common way to install sliding shelves is what we call the base or full shelf mount. This is where the shelf hardware comes with L brackets attached that let you secure the slides to the base of your cabinet or onto an existing shelf. The base mount is the default selection when ordering our custom pullouts. This makes for a very simple and secure installation – simply align the glides and screw them to your shelf.

For complete directions on measuring and installing pull out shelves, please see our
do it yourself page!

Lazy Susans for Better Cabinet Accessibility

The elderly or disabled might have a tough time accessing and organizing food and spices in narrow cupboards and blind corner cabinets. A solution? A Lazy Susan! Lazy Susans are perfect for organizing your pantries, base cabinets, wall cabinets and those pesky blind corner cabinets.

They are available in whatever size and shape you need – Full circle, Half-moon, Pie cut, Kidney shape, or D-shaped. Lazy Susans make kitchen accessibility so much easier! They’re ideal for spices, pantry items, dishes, glasses, and more.

Trash Systems to Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to independent living, organization and tidiness are important. Shelves that Slide can make your life easier, even with your trash! Is your garbage just sitting on the floor? It may look very unsightly. Plus, it’s not very sanitary. Don’t worry – we can help!

If you have limited mobility, our small waste management systems keep trash out of sight. The best part is that our pull-out systems are easy to access. We offer many options, too! If you prefer to add your own waste container, consider slide out shelves in medium or tall side. We even have rev-a-shelf systems that come with Rubbermaid waste containers.

Other options include pull out waste containers have automatic lids that close when the cabinet door is closed to lock in the odors. Talk about easy efficiency! If you don’t see a trash system that you desire, we’ll help you find the perfect one for your needs.         

For over 20 years, Shelves that Slide has satisfied customers with top-quality pullout kitchen shelving and other accessories. Our pull-out shelves and other tools can help people live independently longer. Plus, they are easy to use and install! Contact us today to transform your kitchen and other home spaces!

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