When it comes to designing living spaces that feel stylish, polished and personal, accent pieces can make all the difference. Sure, wall color and furnishings set the stage for rooms that are attractive and comfortable, but accessories are what truly make a space come to life. While adding accent pieces to your home may seem like a straightforward endeavor, picking ones that will truly complement a particular room takes a bit of effort. Check out these simple tips from the design pros at Sam Levitz Furniture to choose the right accent pieces for any space in your home.

Keep your theme in mind

Before you bring home an array of knick-knacks to place on your coffee table or bookcase, consider the room’s theme. What style are the other pieces of furniture and decorations? Adding a rustic wall clock to a boho-chic living room would look disjointed rather than cohesive and stylish. Likewise, brightly colored throw pillows would ruin the understated aesthetic of a modern minimalist bedroom. Stick with accessories that will blend seamlessly with the existing decor of your home.

Make it personal

The theme of your home accents is certainly worth considering, but it isn’t the only factor that matters in terms of how to accessorize your living spaces. Choosing pieces that are a direct reflection of your unique taste and personality is a great way to build rooms that feel meaningful. For instance, if you love tulips, adding a floral arrangement to your dining room table or a painting of the flowers to your kitchen is a small detail that can make your home both inviting and special. When selecting accent pieces to put the perfect finishing touch on the rooms in your home, be sure to choose ones that mean something to you and your family to ensure every room is a true reflection of who you are. 

Balance style and function

The primary purpose of adding accent pieces to your home is to make the spaces within more visually appealing. While this is true, it’s also necessary to ensure that no matter how beautiful a particular decorative item may be that it doesn’t take away from the utility or comfort of the space. You may love a certain floor lamp, for example, but if it disrupts the flow of the room, causing your family to step around it or trip over it, it’s probably better to choose a different lighting solution. Think about whether the accessories you bring into your home will make it more challenging to perform normal daily activities in the space.

Less is more

When putting together thoughtfully curated living spaces that look like they were designed by a professional, it can be tempting to go overboard with a variety of accessories and decorations. The easiest way to make any room in your home look messy and feel closed in is to put too many accent pieces on display. The secret to designing rooms that look polished and put together is to use as few accent pieces as possible. One way to accomplish this is by adding one or two decorations to your side tables or mantle, then assessing the overall result. If it still feels like it’s lacking something, add one accent piece at a time, in separate areas of the room, until it feels complete. 

Avoid trendy pieces

Just like in the fashion industry, home decor trends often go out of style as quickly as they become popular. For many people, it’s fun to change up the look of your living spaces as different colors, styles and materials become popular. While you may love keeping up with the latest home decor trends, replacing accent pieces and furnishings every time something unique pops up can quickly become time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, it’s worth choosing a few accessories that are timeless and easy to transition between seasons and home design styles than the more on-trend alternatives. This will ensure that your home looks its very best without looking dated in a few short months.

Group like items together

No matter how big or small the room you’re decorating may be, small items are bound to get visually “lost” when placed alone on a wall, table or shelf. To let the more petite pieces in your home shine, display like items together in groups. This approach works especially well with candleholders, picture frames and jars, but can be an effective way to highlight any small accent pieces. To style your items like a pro, choose pieces that vary in size and color, and stick with odd numbers when grouping. The result is sure to look orderly and visually appealing. 

Symmetry matters

When a space is curated in a way that is well-balanced, it looks and feels better. How do you create rooms that feel balanced? By decorating with symmetry in mind. Of course, symmetry should be approached differently in formal living spaces than in casual ones. In rooms where you want the feel to be more sophisticated, create symmetry by positioning identical armchairs on opposite sides of the room, matching paintings on either side of a window, or a pair of vases on the two ends of a mantle. On the other hand, in rooms that are meant to feel laid-back, accessorize with asymmetrical pieces to give them an eclectic yet welcoming vibe.

Find the perfect accent pieces at Sam Levitz Furniture

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