A bathtub can add a wow factor to your life like no other acquisition in your home.  A nice tub will enliven the room that you see first thing every day. What was once little more than a functional device is now potentially an oasis for relaxation.

Much more than the iconic 60’s vixen submerged in bubbles, modern features bring you a spa experience right in your own home. Futuristic features and artful shapes are some of the perks that your parents didn’t have when the standard 60-inch built-in tub was the norm.  Life is good when we can easily tap into the nuances of modern life. For trying on a tub in Tucson, and in fact all of Arizona, there is no better gallery showroom than Benjamin Supply.  Their showroom has more than 30 tubs on display.

Before sliding into one for a test drive, consider the dimensions suited to your bathroom. Trends are moving from the standard built-in tub to standalone versions that float alone in the space. The tub may stand on feet, or be skirted or encased with custom-built panels with a stone, tile, or marble deck. Freestanding bathtubs once were reserved for custom homes but now are appearing at every home value level.

A Lot to Consider…

Whether you are petite or very tall, length (and girth too) are the core measurements to factor.  Comfort will matter most in the long run.  There should be no impediments to using the tub regularly. Ideally, two people of different body shapes can select a configuration that suits them both equally.  Can you comfortably rest your arms and head while you are in there? Are you as fully submerged as you like? Evaluate your ability to fully extend your legs while in a relaxed, reclined position. Is it easy to step in and out of safely now and as you age? Consider just who is going to use this tub. Is there a huge height difference? Will they both use it consistently? Extra large baths lose their appeal when users learn they require too much time to fill, are not necessarily comfortable for all parties, and may not be adequately full before the water heater runs out of hot water.

Bottomline, it is important to try on tubs for size before selecting.  Just think about some of the design options: smooth and round like an egg; crisp, angular, clean lines of a rectangle; classic claw-footed models; contoured shapes, ovals, squares, or rounded; tubs you step down into or even walk into or those with neck rests and armrests. The look you seek is there for the choosing. And of course, shape considerations can make a difference in the comfort level and mood of the room.

Materials Matter

Tub materials also can impact your decision.  Trends are gravitating to the bright white casted, volcanic stone composite.  It is surprisingly durable and yet lightweight.  Leading the market is acrylic molded tubs in modern shapes and are ready for jetted features. Whether cast in concrete or carved out of stone, encased in metallic or bright colors, the materials are very much part of the story.  The familiar claw-foot bathtub has also made a big comeback in a spectrum of colors and unique feet materials. In all configurations, the slope of the backrest is going to be a crucial consideration regarding comfort.

Let your mind wander to the desired experience.  Ask yourself how you like to bathe? Do you prefer a long lingering soak or invigorating whirlpool jets? You can luxuriate in a light massage with air tubs that have micro bubbles that permeate the skin for a further level of healing. Some of the highest levels in technology offer you a unique bathing experience: built-in radiant-heat will soothe tired muscles; chromatherapy utilizes light therapy for peace of mind. Other high-tech options like aromatherapy use the sense of smell for your well-being and distilled, diffused essential oils enter the bather’s respiratory system and reach the circulatory and lymphatic systems, where they interact with cells to promote healing. For example, the manufacturer BainUltra® offers six therapies designed with your relaxation, health, and well-being in mind. Their hydro-thermal massage® is the closest to a hands-on massage. It offers three types of massage in a single therapy: heated massage, hydro massage, and acupressure. Such soothing and stimulating treatments will help you recharge your batteries and restore your energy levels and therefore are incomparable to any other experience in your home.


Get Expert Advice

While personal preference leads the way, knowing your product options can make all the difference.  It is crucial to work with a knowledgeable expert that helps answer the right questions pinpointing the materials and extra features best suited to you and your budget. The showroom professionals at Benjamin Supply share decades of knowledge and industry immersion.  This kind of knowledge is not easily had at a big box store and certainly doesn’t exist online.  It is in the direct to the public decorative plumbing showrooms that have a monopoly on this expertise.  At Benjamin, they have custom fit homes for plumbing configurations since 1950. In the realm of tubs they will be knowledgeable in issues for durability and hygiene and expertly point to considerations in physical details such as built-in handles for ease of maneuverability or internal contouring to support positioning.

Is your intention to sit up or recline while soaking or both? Do you want a contemporary “show stopper” or a more traditional “mood setter?”  Do you have the space for a tub big enough for 2 to indulge in simultaneously? The answers wait for you at Benjamin Supply in the heart of downtown.  As you take off your shoes and try on a tub for size, remember that it can be the vehicle to both art for the home and your ticket to paradise. You can’t do that shopping on the internet.

For more information on available tubs and Benjamin Supply, visit their website or contact at (520) 777-7000.

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