Despite what we’re told, Spring isn’t the only time for renewal. Many people find that updating their living rooms during the winter can be a cozy and satisfying experience. The colder weather and loss of those precious daylight hours keep us in the house more than we might like, but that doesn’t have to dampen our winter spirit. Rather, the winter months carry along with their crisp, cold air the opportunity to turn your living room into a cozy cocoon for the whole family. 

Getting Started

The obvious place most of us will look for a marked change in style will be the centerpiece of most living rooms: the sofa. Choose some fluffy throw pillows with warm, inviting textures for both visual interest and comfort. A decorative but functional blanket slung on the back of the sofa is a must, and depending on the size of your sofa you might need more than one! For a large sofa, a small loveseat, and everything in between, layer multiple blankets across your couch. Don’t worry too much about the actual placement, the layers themselves will take care of the design impact. Chunky knit throws, fleece blankets, and honeycomb wool are three styles that feature plump, soft fabrics that are perfect for a cold winter season.

If you’re looking for even more of a change, a sofa cover for the winter months can scratch the itch for creating a big design modification. Pick a color and fabric dramatically different from the original sofa for added effect, one that fits with the season. 

Underneath the sofa, make sure your rug is up to the task of the winter months. Your own personal style will dictate the design, and pay close attention to the texture and feel of the rug itself. Softer, thicker, more textured rugs will go a long way towards creating the seasonal aesthetic of the winter months. 


Try placing bundles of candles in multiple areas of your living room. Use a variety of candle heights in each bundle for visual contrast. Depending on your style, scented candles can add dramatic effect and bring the pleasant smell of the winter world right into your living room. Vanilla and cinnamon are two fan favorites, and be sure to get creative to show off your personal sense of style!

Coffee Table Additions

Warm and cozy are two words we usually associate with things other than something as functional as a coffee table. Use the coffee table to accessorize and highlight the larger design decisions made elsewhere in the room. Small additions like seasonal coasters, table trays, and a well-placed bunch of candles will meet the moment. Similar to how you would decorate a festive table setting, bring in a few sticks, twigs, and leaves from outside to create a coffee table centerpiece fit for the winter weather.

Odds & Ends

Consider anything and everything in our quest for winterizing our living room into cozy comfort. Window treatments can be updated to match the season and are easily replaced for Spring. Modern entertainment centers feature removable fireplaces, perfect for creating a pleasant place to relax with the family while bundling up through a snowstorm.

Coziness Complete

The coziness  of your living room is within reach with just a few simple changes. Remember to focus on bringing out your personality and style with each decision, and keep things as soft and comfy as they are visually engaging.  The design pros at Sam Levitz are here to help you every step of the way. Our huge selection of furniture, accessories, and more can get your home ready for every season of the year. Visit us online or stop by any one of our convenient locations in Tucson.

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