Summer is a time for sunshine, backyard barbecues, and making unforgettable memories with loved ones. There’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than by hosting family gatherings and outdoor parties. To create a perfect setting for your summer entertaining, look no further than Sam Levitz Furniture. With their impressive selection of outdoor dining furniture, you can transform your patio into a captivating oasis for gatherings and relaxation.  

The Sustain collection, the Capri collection, the Amaris collection, and the Transville collection are four of Sam Levitz’s outstanding lines we will be cover in this blog. Let’s dive in and discover the best options for your summer entertaining needs! 

1. Sustain Collection 

The Sustain collection is perfect for those who prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable products without compromising on style and durability. Crafted from responsibly sourced materials, this collection boasts an impressive range of outdoor dining sets and pieces. One of the standout products in this line is the Sustain Dining Table Set. 

Sustain Dining Table Set 

  • Description: The Sustain Dining Table Set features a spacious dining table made from recycled teak wood, renowned for its weather-resistant properties. The set comes with six chairs, each constructed with a powder-coated aluminum frame and accented with woven wicker seats, providing comfort and support. 
  • Features: The teak wood is treated with a protective sealant, ensuring its longevity and preserving its natural beauty. The chairs’ powder-coated aluminum frames are rust-resistant, ideal for withstanding the Arizona heat and occasional summer rain showers. 

2. Capri Collection 

The Capri collection embodies contemporary elegance and sophistication, designed to elevate your outdoor dining experience to new heights. With its sleek lines and premium materials, this collection exudes luxury and comfort, making it an excellent choice for both intimate family gatherings and chic summer parties. One of the gems of the Capri collection is the Capri 7-Piece Dining Set. 

Capri 7-Piece Dining Set 

  • Description: The Capri 7-Piece Dining Set includes a generously sized rectangular dining table and six plush dining chairs. The table showcases a porcelain tile top that not only adds a touch of opulence but also provides a resilient surface for dining. 
  • Features: The dining chairs boast a rust-resistant aluminum frame with handwoven resin wicker accents, guaranteeing both durability and an elegant appearance. The seat cushions are upholstered with fade-resistant fabric, ensuring they retain their vibrant colors even after long hours in the sun. 

3. Amaris Collection 

The Amaris collection is tailor-made for those seeking a blend of traditional charm and modern aesthetics. With its distinctive design and attention to detail, this collection offers a seamless fusion of comfort and elegance. For large family gatherings and festive celebrations, the Amaris Extension Dining Table Set proves to be an excellent choice. 

Amaris Extension Dining Table Set 

  • Description: The Amaris Extension Dining Table Set showcases a versatile extension table that can comfortably accommodate eight to ten guests. The table’s unique design features an intricately patterned aluminum tabletop that complements the overall style of the set. The set comes with eight high-back dining chairs that provide ample support during long dining sessions. 
  • Features: The extension table allows you to adjust its size effortlessly, providing flexibility for various occasions. The dining chairs are constructed with a durable aluminum frame and upholstered with quick-drying, mildew-resistant fabric, ensuring they remain in top condition despite exposure to the elements. 

4. Transville Collection 

The Transville collection is designed for those who appreciate a contemporary and minimalistic aesthetic. This collection boasts clean lines and a streamlined silhouette, making it an excellent choice for modern outdoor spaces. To make a bold statement with your summer entertaining setup, consider the Transville Dining Set. 

Transville Dining Set 

  • Description: The Transville Dining Set features a sleek and sturdy dining table constructed from a weather-resistant composite material, ensuring its durability under the Arizona sun. The set comes with four stackable dining chairs, designed for easy storage and convenience. 
  • Features: The dining chairs are crafted with a powder-coated aluminum frame and woven sling fabric, offering both style and comfort. The stackable design allows for compact storage during the offseason or when extra space is required. 

When it comes to outdoor dining furniture for your summer entertaining and family gatherings, Sam Levitz Furniture has you covered. With the Sustain, Capri, Amaris, and Transville collections, you can find the perfect pieces to create an inviting and stylish outdoor space. From sustainable materials to contemporary designs, these product lines cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable summer for you and your loved ones. Head over to the Sam Levitz Furniture online or in person to explore these stylish collections and get ready to elevate your summer entertaining experience! 

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