Spices need to be stored in cool, dry spaces, and away from heat sources. Do not store them right next to your oven or stove, as the heat can ruin their individual flavors. The best place to store spices is in a drawer, or on a sliding shelf, and you should consider using an organizer to keep them consolidated in one location. Keep an eye on the expiration dates, as once they lose their freshness they lose some of their taste as well.

Storing Spices in a Drawer

A drawer is optimal because it is tucked away in the kitchen away from any elements that could affect the spices’ particular flavor. Be careful not to just throw spice bottles loosely into a drawer. Every time you open the drawer, they could bang into each other and you run the risk of having the bottles shatter, sending glass and spices all over your drawer. To remedy this, consider using a drawer organizer that can help your spice bottles fit perfectly into any drawer in your kitchen. An organizer can also help you keep track of which spices are fresh and which ones are getting stale.

Storing Spices on a Shelf

If you do not have a drawer you can use, a shelf can work too as long as it is away from heat. Consider a shelf organizer, sliding shelf or Lazy Susans, to neatly keep spices in their proper place. You do not want to put them loose on a shelf, or they could fall over. 

If you have a smaller kitchen, you will want to make the most of the space you have available. Fortunately, whether you use a drawer or a shelf, there are a lot of organizers to choose from so you can make the most of the space you have available. Reach out and contact us to learn more about the products we provide to help keep your spices fresh and organized.

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