Your home should be a place that reflects who you are and brings you joy. After all, what is the point of decorating if the result doesn’t make you happy or show the world what makes you unique? Sometimes achieving the ambiance that you have in your mind is easier said than done. If you are having trouble finding a balance between functionality and personality when decorating a room in your house, the experienced team at Ashley Homestore is here to help. Check out these simple tips to add a personal touch to any space in your home.

Add Playful Accessories

First and foremost, decorating your home should be fun. Let your playful side shine through the accessories that you choose to bring into the space. No matter what area you are redesigning, most rooms can benefit from a few comfy throw pillows, an interesting area rug, and natural elements, including dens, dining rooms, bedrooms, patios, and more. If you think you’re finished decorating the space, but it still feels like it’s missing something, consider adding another accessory or two. Accessories are an easy fix to add pops of color when you need them, as well as effortlessly make any room feel cozier and more inviting.

Choose Bold Artwork

If you’re going to decorate with art, make it count. Going bold with the artwork that you choose to incorporate in your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or gaudy. Once you’ve selected the perfect color palette, furnishings, and accessories for the space, choose a piece of art that will bring it all together. Be sure to consider what the room will be used for when choosing art that will complement it. For example, bedroom art should be calming, while bathroom art should be bright and cheerful. Lastly, be sure to choose pieces that are the appropriate size. One large-scale piece or gallery wall is usually ideal for living rooms with lots of space to fill, while smaller pictures are better for kitchens and bathrooms that usually have less wall space to work with.

Display Meaningful Items

When someone walks into your home, you never want them to wonder whose house it is. Instead, your goal should be to let the furniture, accessories, and decor reflect you and your family. With this in mind, hang photographs of your loved ones, display souvenirs from your travels, and lay out books and other items that are important to you. The items that sit on your bookshelves and hang on your walls should not be random decorations that you purchased off the furniture showroom floor. They should be an accumulation of your taste, interests, and demeanor. Displaying items that are significant to you, in particular, is what will distinguish your home from everyone else’s.

Be Creative

Sometimes making a room your own is as simple as doing something completely unexpected in it such as, hanging a guitar or snowboard over your sofa instead of a mirror or framed picture. Now, that is one way to keep things interesting. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to decorating. When you hang items on the walls that you like, they express your unique way of decorating, which lets all who enter your home visualize what you’re all about. Keep in mind, though, that less is usually more when decorating. Choose one or two creative belongings to bring into your decor to make sure that the space doesn’t feel cluttered or messy. Likewise, don’t be afraid to mix old and new furnishings. Your grandmother’s dining room table may pair perfectly with new dining chairs. What’s the bottom line? There are no rules for making the space your own. Don’t be shy about using your creativity to make a space an extension of who you are and how others will get to know you.

Make Use of Plants

Bringing outdoor elements inside your home is an effortless way to make it feel cozier in an instant. With this in mind, adding a plant or two is always a good idea when trying to make a room feel homier. A potted plant won’t just look great in your living room or bedroom, it will also help you relax and purify the air. Best of all, many houseplants are relatively low maintenance, such as peace lilies and spider plants. This means that if you forget to water them once or twice, they are likely to forgive you and keep on trucking. If keeping anything alive intimidates you, however, don’t give up on the greenery just yet. There are a variety of artificial plants that look shockingly realistic available at Ashley Homestore that no one will ever know the difference!

Choose the Right Light Fixtures

Whether you are renting an apartment or just bought a house from a previous owner, chances are that you didn’t choose the light fixtures in the place you call home. Lighting may be the last thing you consider when striving to give your home a facelift, but it shouldn’t be. Swapping out boring, plain lighting options for sleek, modern ones is a quick and affordable way to transform the entire ambiance of any room. If you aren’t comfortable changing out overhead light fixtures on your own, you can still update the space by utilizing a mix of table and floor lamps to achieve an inviting atmosphere. Don’t forget to layer the lights in the room, making sure to use ambient, task, and accent lights. This will instantly pull the whole room together and make it look and feel like it was decorated by a professional.

Designing a home that is as beautiful as the ones in magazines while also reflecting your unique personality is easier than you think. The friendly team at Ashley Homestore is eager to help you bring your decorating dreams to life. Visit one of our two convenient showroom locations in Green Valley or Tucson or contact us today. We look forward to making your decorating experience convenient from start to finish with our large selection of furniture and outstanding customer service.

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