The global COVID-19 pandemic confined us in our homes for the better part of 2020. The CDC recommends using disinfectants that have at least 70% alcohol or bleach to clean high-touch surfaces to protect your home from the coronavirus. It is also advisable to use gloves when using strong detergents such as bleach. While washing hands and sanitizing have become the new norm, we also have to keep our homes organized and clean now that we spend more time indoors

The sliding shelves are amongst the most loved organizers that you can invest in during the pandemic. These multipurpose shelves are loved for their affordability and the maximum storage options they provide for different spaces. Besides keeping your space neat, these shelves allow for easy access to anything you want. Whether it is in the pantry, bathroom, or home office, the following tips can help you stay clean and organized with the sliding shelves:

  • Divide your space appropriately. Without a system, it will be difficult to stay organized, even with your pull out shelves. You should therefore divide your shelves into different spaces and store similar items together. For instance, all your cereals should be stored on one shelf while canned foods are kept on another. Similarly, if you are using sliding shelves in your office, you can store your books and journals on a separate shelf from pens, pencils, and erasers. This will make it easy to access whatever you need all while staying neat and tidy.
  • Incorporate storage containers. Despite offering maximum storage space, pull out shelves can easily become cluttered and untidy without drawer organizers. You can use carton boxes, clear containers, rattan storage boxes, clear bins, and hampers to keep your shelves clean and organized.
  • Make use of labels. Even though you might know your space well enough to access anything you need, your family members may struggle to find things. Placing clear labels on every shelf will eliminate this problem and ensure that you maintain your space well.

To maintain this organization system, you will need to regularly declutter your shelves and dispose of depleted and expired items. You will also need to clean the shelves every two weeks or on a monthly basis, depending on what you have stored in them. Fortunately, most pullout shelves can just be wiped with a soft rag dipped in water and mild soap.

With these tips, you are assured of using sliding shelves to stay clean and organized even during these uncertain times. Contact us to get your sliding shelves and other organizing gems for your home today!

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