It seems that no matter how big your garage is, there is never enough space to store things. Like any other room in your home, your garage deserves some TLC. Many people enjoy spending time in their garage—it’s more than just a space to park your car! A garage can be a dedicated space for hobbies, crafts, and other projects. It’s a great place to lay out everything you need and get to work. However, when your workspace is cluttered and unorganized, completing tasks and projects can get a little challenging.

So, how can you get your garage organized easily and efficiently? We’ve got some ideas below to help declutter your garage and open up more space!

Lazy Susan for Your Garage

Lazy Susans are a genius idea, and they’re not just for kitchen cabinets! If you have a blind corner cabinet, a Lazy Susan is perfect for storing everything from tools and auto cleaning products to boxes of nails and craft supplies. They make wonderful use of that wasted abyss of space under your garage counters. Our half-moon Lazy Susans are perfect for blind corner cabinet storage. And our D-shaped Susans are great for organizing all kinds of items.

Sliding Shelves

If you’ve got sidewalls in your garage, chances are good that this space is wasted. You can make great use of the area on your garage’s sidewalls. Pull out shelves give you complete access to everything in your cabinet with one easy pull. This is great for people with limited mobility. They’re made to perfectly fit your garage cabinets, and they’re easy to install. These shelves glide right out, meaning you’ll never lose things in the back of your cabinets ever again!

With pull out shelving, you can easily access everything from nails, paint cans, and other necessities. When the shelves are pushed back in, your garage looks tidy and neat. If you’ve got space between two cabinets, consider a base filler. Our 6″ Base Filler with Stainless Steel peg board panel as well as an assortment of hooks and pegs can be a lifesaver in your garage. Simply install this product between two adjacent cabinets and add a decorative filler front to make a functional pull-out organizer.

Garage Drawer Organizers

If your garage drawers are crammed with stuff that’s unorganized, we’ve got the solution for you. Our drawer organizers make it easy to keep track of your smaller items like tools and other gadgets while freeing up valuable garage counter space. Trimmed to fit, these drawer organizers are a must! We offer a large selection of trim to fit drawer divider systems that can organize even smaller items like nails, bolts, screws, and more.

Trash and Recycle Systems

Do you keep your trash and recyclables in your garage? Shelves that Slide really can make your life easier, even when it comes to your trash. We are proud to offer top quality sliding trash and recycle systems from top suppliers such as Rev-A-Shelf. Our pull out trash systems and waste containers are available for cabinets with openings under 9″ wide or a recycling center that fits a cabinet with a minimum opening of 21 3/4″. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know and we will look for the pull out waste center that you want. We help to keep your garbage and recycling out of the way, and also easy to access.

Get Your Garage Organized With Shelves That Slide

For over 20 years, Shelves that Slide has satisfied customers with top-quality pullout shelving and other accessories. Our pull-out shelves and other tools can help you get organized and declutter. Plus, they are easy to use and install! Contact us today to transform your garage and other home spaces!

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Shelves that Slide Inc "We Make Your Life Easier" with custom made rollout kitchen shelving designed for your existing cabinets. Think of us as your shelf depot. It does not matter whether you call them pullouts, sliding shelves, glide out shelfs, pull-out shelving, rollouts, sliders etc. We offer a large selection of custom made shelves and other accessories to help organize your kitchen, pantry, and bathroom cabinets. We really do make your life easier and we have been doing so for over twenty years! We ship our pull outs all across the United States and Canada.

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