Whether you entertain guests on the main floor, downstairs with a wet bar, or outside on the patio, getting these areas of your house organized can prove to be a daunting task. However, with a few small changes, it is possible to optimize space no matter how big or small the area may seem. To help you achieve your maximizing goals, here are some clever ideas to allow for more space that is well organized for all your entertaining events.

There is Space in Every Corner

Wherever you plan to entertain, there is space in every corner. It’s just a matter of knowing how to utilize the space to your advantage. For instance, there is so much space in the corners that seem to get overlooked. However, use these spaces to their full-capacity to increase storage with either sliding wine bottle rack shelves or an L-shaped cabinet with sliding shelves to organize dishware and other entertaining supplies. You could even introduce an L-shaped bar and sitting area to create more room or sectional couches to fill in the corners.

Fold up Furniture to Allow for more Space

If there is that one desk in an area that you don’t use, the best option is to fold it up and store it out of the way, especially if it is in an area that you frequently use to entertain guests. However, this only applies in pieces that fold away neatly. You can choose to incorporate multi-functional features like couches with underlying sliding compartments or wall beds that are capable of completely disappearing into your wall. Both allow for multiplying the size of the available space and more storage to keep things out of the way and organized. If you have the ability to create hidden sliding shelves within the walls, this allows to use unfinished space so that you’re not taking up room in the existing space and decreasing its functionality.

Look Upward

Vertical expansion is always the key to expanding your indoor and outdoor spaces. This is particularly true when maximizing bar and concession space by sectioning off an area for a stemware holder or mount, plus more cabinet organization with sliding shelves. Store away chairs and tables on hangers and sliding closets until needed for your next event. The less occupying floor space furniture in an area, the more free space will be available. What’s more, if that does not help, you can always look to the back of your door as an alternative.

There is no doubt that small spaces have their perks. When you use every inch to increase storage for maximum organization, your small space begins to look larger. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your space, contact us to help you maximize and organize your entertaining space today!

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