The pantry is arguably the heart of any kitchen. When you have an organized pantry, it will not only help you find everything faster, but will also make the space visually appealing. With these three easy tips, you’ll have your pantry decluttered in no time and organized for years to come.

Keep an Inventory of your Supplies

The main reason why most pantries are always cluttered is because they’re full of unused, expired supplies. Start by emptying out your pantry and laying everything on the counter. Then, take inventory, checking expiration dates and tossing anything that’s past it’s “best before” date. Finally, make a list of everything that remains and plan to use the items whose expiration dates are nearer first of the shelf. This list will also help you keep stock of everything in the pantry and prevent overstocking.

Use Storage Containers

The huge cardboard boxes that most items come in do nothing but fill up your pantry space. Instead, empty food from its original packaging into storage containers. These containers do not just take up less space, but they are also easy to move when you need to find something at the back of the shelf. Once you’ve added the storage containers, you can go ahead and label them for easy identification. You can even take it a step further and group the containers on different shelves according to what they hold, so that you’ll know exactly where to find each one.

Maximize Shelf Space Usage

As part of decluttering your pantry, you need to make the most out of the available space. By using pull-out shelves with various shelf heights, you’ll be able to maximize every space on the shelf while also utilizing the shelves’ sliding capabilities to make life easier on yourself when adding and decluttering inventory items. There are pull-out shelves with short sides for canned foods, taller sides for taller storage containers, or slanted side shelves that give the best of both worlds. However, in order for this process to work, you need to be ready to declutter every once in a while to ensure that they don’t get clogged up with items you never use.

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