One of the more interesting trends in 21st-Century America is the growing appeal of urban living.

Young professionals, raised in the suburbs – miles from the nearest theaters and restaurants – like the idea of walking to work and strolling home from dinner.

Empty-nesters may be ready to sell the car, give the lawnmower to Goodwill, and “downsize.”

The push toward “population density” and downtown high-rises will only raise the appeal of the urban lifestyle, but there’s a problem:

“What will we do with all our stuff?”

For most of us, an apartment or condo downtown will be smaller than the home we’ve come to know. It may have a bedroom or two … three or four closets … and underground parking with little if any storage.

Fortunately, recent innovations in furniture design – and storage solutions such as sliding shelves  – can help us keep our possessions when we move downtown. Here are some ways we might expand the storage places in small spaces:

Elevated Beds With Storage

Elevated platform beds can provide a surprising amount of storage space beneath the mattress. Look at it this way: beneath your bed is a “cupboard” 6 feet long and 3-to-5 feet wide. It will become one of the largest storage areas in your home.  Rolling shelves can greatly increase the utility and accessibility of this large space.

Re-purposed Closets

Closet space will be at a premium. First question: do I need this closet to serve in the traditional way, or might I be able to remove the rod and install shelving?  A single closet could become a bountiful storage space. Pullout shelves  will maximize your ability to keep it organized.

Combination Closets

If you do need a traditional closet, there is still an opportunity to install shelving or a cabinet unit across the bottom 2 feet of the closet. Again, pullout shelves  may will make this shelving far easier to maximize.

Kitchen Cabinets

Even in the smallest apartment or condo, there should be cabinet space in the kitchen.  Make the most of it. Good news: kitchen cabinets are deep, and spacey.  Bad news: kitchen cabinets are deep, and hard to reach. Companies such as Shelves That Slide  have a variety of solutions to help you get the most out of your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Pantries

If your new home comes with a kitchen pantry, consider spice racks on the side walls – or the inside of the pantry door.  Don’t let the pantry’s upper and lower shelves may become wasted space.  Pullout shelves and a fold-up stool could make all the difference.

Silverware Drawers

Drawer Organizers can help us organize and manage the knives, forks … and rubber bands.

Like fingerprints, kitchens are unique. Each seems to have its own size, shape and opportunity. Browse the various ways you might take advantage of the nooks and crannies in your own kitchen space.

If you are among those pondering the new adventures awaiting you downtown, customizing your downtown home can be a fun adventure, too! 

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