If you love to entertain guests in your home you know how stressful a task it can be. Making sure you have all the right food, drinks, and place settings can be time consuming and mentally taxing. Creating a space for your guests to feel welcomed and relaxed requires not as much effort as you might think. There’s a variety of options for small additions that can be game changers when guests are around. Whether your idea of entertaining is coffee with a few friends or a large dinner party, the experts at Ashley Homestore have the design tips you need.

The Kitchen

Depending on the type of get-together you’re having, the kitchen will serve as either the place for casual bites or a more formal dining setting. If you’re looking for more of the party action to take place in the kitchen a rolling bar cart is a great option. If you normally keep it in another room of your home, roll the bar cart into the kitchen and let your guests know where the mingling should take place.

The kitchen island is a spot sure to get lots of foot traffic, and is a great place for functional party items mixed in alongside seasonal décor. A large kitchen island, beyond the benefits it bestows on a day-to-day basis, has enormous benefits during any kind of in-home entertaining event.

  • Turn it into a drinks station with design elements that add character to your party and keep with the design theme.
  • Alternatively, use it as a buffet station and keep it purely functional.

Creating a Flow Into The Living Room

With the kitchen stocked and the food laid out, it’s time to focus on making our guests feel comfortable and relaxed in the main entertaining space. Plenty of seating will be key, and don’t be afraid to bring in functional pieces from other rooms. Rearrange that couch, bring in the chaise from the office, or invest in a new love seat to get your guests relaxed and comfortable. A bar area or cart can serve as another place for guests to congregate and helps keep the flow moving from the kitchen into the living room.  Bar carts come in all shapes and sizes, and you’re sure to find one that either fits your pre-existing style or something that stands out from the crowd and adds some contrast to the room. 

  • A vintage look for bar carts is gaining popularity these days, utilizing rough metals and antique, functional containers used as the top section of the cart.
  • Metal and glass bar carts are timeless and blend in well with a more traditional living room setting

While planning your next party, you might find out that an extra console or accent table will come in handy when your home is full of revelers. Taking the time to pre-plan seating and table space for your guests will save you from any last minute party planning headaches, and gives you more time to spend with your guests.

Outdoor Action

Your guests will want some fresh air at some point, which means you can’t overlook the outdoors! At a minimum, a few chairs gathered around a small, stylish table will do the trick for small get-togethers. For larger gatherings consider investing in a full outdoor seating set with a couch and/or loveseat along with chairs and table. The faux-woven look is popular right now and is designed to withstand the elements no matter where you live or what the season might be. If the outdoors is where most of the party action will take place, an outdoor dining area along with a fire pit will do wonders to keep your guests comfortable and delighted to be outside, having fun with their friends.

Bring It All Together

The key to a successful party is planning and action. Make a plan for your home, rearrange the elements you already have, and bring in new pieces to solve problems both functional and design oriented. Visit Ashley Homestore in Tucson today to find the solutions your home needs for your next party, event, or friendly get-together. Better yet, book an in-store appointment with one of our design experts to guide you through Ashley Homestore’s selection of stylish home furnishings.

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