Jingles, presents, and parties are all synonymous with the Holiday Season, with friends and family gathering to celebrate one more year’s worth of memories. The classic Holiday films we all love make it look so easy, but in reality we know that transforming yours into a Home For The Holidays can be a daunting task. Luckily, the design pros at Sam Levitz Furniture have helpful tips to get every room in your home ready for a festive holiday season.

Declutter and Make A Plan

You’ve probably accumulated more holiday decorations than you need, but don’t feel obligated to use every piece. Focus on a core design theme early on, then pick and choose the holiday decor that matches your vision. Don’t worry, there’s always next year for any decorations that don’t make the cut! 

Front Entrance – First Impressions Matter

The front entrance will set the mood, tone, and the energy of your Holiday home and should not be overlooked. Consider both the outside and inside entrance as areas to update, with each offering unique opportunities for adding a bit of holiday flare.  A statement piece on your front door is a great place to start, along with updates to your outdoor furniture. Keep the theme consistent when your guests enter your home whether you’ve chosen a restrained feel or if something more over-the-top is your style.  

Get Creative With Your Dining Room

This is where your creativity can really get pumping! There’s no right or wrong way to make a dining room festive, which means you can have some fun and let your personality shine. Festive tableware with matching linens is an easy place to start. Vintage decorations peppered throughout the room can add some variety and also be great conversation starters with your guests. Another trendy idea is to incorporate some of the local flora into your setup. A small collection of well placed flowers, sticks, and other odds and ends from the outdoors can spruce up your table into a jubilant setting.  Whether it’s a minimalistic tree-branch centerpiece or garland-strewn, the dining room table is a canvas for your Holiday design wishes. And for that extra special holiday season meal, display a pretty menu with creative handwriting!

A Holiday Living Room

This room is going to be a workhorse for any Holiday Home, which means decor updates should be both aesthetic and functional. Entertaining both family and friends will take up a big chunk of your holiday free time. Holiday design elements of this room can both create memories and bring a little bit of jubilee.  Replacing your normal family photos with one’s taken during past holidays is a quirky trick, and one that might get a head-turn from sharp eyed guests. Switch out accent pieces in the room for extra holiday flare, from throw pillows to lamps, to keep the theme alive throughout the space. Just be sure to keep your own personality coming through with each choice.  

Don’t Forget The Rest Of The House

The living and dining areas will surely get the most attention, but that doesn’t mean other rooms don’t deserve some Holiday love, too! Add some extra special holiday decor wherever you feel like it, and especially wherever it will get noticed. Swap out functional pieces in the bathroom for holiday themes, and use bathroom shelving as a great spot to add holiday trinkets and tchotchkes.  

Bring It All Together

Getting your home ready for a memorable holiday season doesn’t have to be a chore. With a plan in place, you’re ready to make design decisions that will transform your family’s home and delight your guests. At Sam Levitz, we have everything you need to add holiday flare to your home in a variety of design styles. Visit any one of our Tucson locations to get started on your holiday home today!

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