Many of us need the space to relax and unwind after a long day, yet feel that a spa experience is something for only the weekend or special occasions.  A spa’s ability to destress has been known for ages and their popularity is rising. Since just 2003 the US has seen the number of spa locations double!

At an average cost per session of $90-$100, it’s natural to look for less costly alternatives that still give you that zen feeling. Turning your own bathroom into a satisfying spa experience can be achieved with less effort than you might think.

Relax at the spa without leaving home

The spa bathroom upgrade has been around long enough to exclude it from the ‘trend’ category, because it’s now timeless, achievable and so worth it. Creating an oasis to unwind, refresh and regenerate is the definition of luxury. The options for an improved experience are varied and numerous – the sky is the limit. With that said, it’s helpful to start with a clear plan for what you can achieve and a design theme to keep it feeling cohesive.

Depending on the aesthetic that speaks to you when it comes to relaxing, there are so many great options. The Linon Bracken line at Ashley HomeStore is the perfect choice for a spa-like aesthetic. The bamboo pieces provide a relaxing vibe and can be accessorized with accent pieces as well as providing functional storage and seating.

You really can’t go wrong with a nice bamboo piece – whether a shelf, stool or mat – it sets the perfect tone and gets you right into the relaxing mindset.

Soothing spaces with small additions

A beautiful and functional over the bath caddy keeps all of the items you need to relax within easy reach. You can relax with a book, your e-reader and some essential oils and a glass of wine after a long day.

Lighting and art are two elements of a great spa-like space. Turn off harsh over the sink lights and instead use a soft floor or tabletop lamp to further elevate the ambiance. As with all art and décor additions in your space, focus on pieces that make you feel good and give you the look you want.

Color and texture tie it all together

Sticking with a light, mostly white and cream, color pallet for towels and bath linens will make it feel like a true at home spa.

It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable and helps the stress of the day slip away into a relaxing at-home spa experience. Making small changes and additions are all it takes to get your oasis started, and you don’t have to wait for the weekend. A trip to your nearest Ashley HomeStore showroom will provide you with all of the tools needed to get your zen on, right at home.

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