Life is busy, and your time is valuable. That’s why kitchen hacks can be lifesavers. When your kitchen is more organized, preparing and cooking are a lot more enjoyable – not to mention easier!

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the home, so it makes sense to spruce it up and get it uncluttered. When it comes to kitchen hacks, Shelves that Slide has everything you need to make your culinary space a dream to cook in. The following top 10 hacks will make your wonder why you didn’t utilize these tricks before.

  1. Tip out tray –Tired of cluttered sponges, scrubbers, and soap all over your counter sink space? Consider a tip out tray! An under-sink tip-out tray storage can help you get organized and simplify your life even in unexpected places. Some Rev-A-Shelf tip outs even have a place to hold your rings while you do dishes – talk about ingenious!
  2. Veggie drawer – It can be a challenge storing veggies in different places in your kitchen. Put some wicker or wire baskets in a deep drawer, and store vegetables that are best kept in dark, cool places. Your potatoes, onions, beets, etc. will thank you!
  3. Blind corner systemsNow you finally can make use of all that hidden corner and all that wasted kitchen storage space with our convenient blind corner systems. From half-moon lazy Susans that pivot and then slide out to specialty units that make the most of that otherwise wasted space – we’ve got it covered!
  4. Trash and recycling centers There is nothing more unsightly (and unsanitary!) than overflowing trash. To make matters worse, your trash can is probably sitting there for all to see. How about a super-efficient trash and recycling system? From simple single can systems up to complete recycling centers, we have a large selection of pull out trash and recycle systems from Rev-A-Shelf.
  5. Lazy Susan in fridge/under sink – It’s impossible to get fully organized when you can’t reach everything under your cabinets. The solution? Install a Lazy Susan! They’re perfect for keeping canned goods and pantry food items in that otherwise wasted abyss of space under your counters. Lazy Susans are also ideal for refrigerators. You heard it right – a Lazy Susan can help you organize your food and condiments in your fridge. No more wasted food because you can’t see it in the back of the fridge!
  6. Bread box drawer – No one likes stale bread (unless you’re going to make stuffing with it). Our bread boxes with sliding tops turn any base cabinet drawer into a sliding bread drawer. Allows storage of bread and pastries in a drawer, keeping them fresh and mold-free longer.
  7. Spice drawer insert – Are you one of many people who has an unorganized spice collection? While having a lot of spices is good for cooking, they can be a pain to get in order. Our spice drawer inserts can be cut to fit inside your drawer to neatly arrange and organize your small to medium size spice bottles. They are also removable for easy cleaning.
  8. Stemware mounts – Installing an under-cabinet stemware rack can free up a great deal of space in your cabinets. Also consider investing in a bottle rack for your wines. Our double bottle rack screws to the bottom of your cabinets and holds two bottles. You can always install multiple units if you need more.
  9. Wire pull out basket for pots and pans – Organizing your pots and pans is a cinch with our bottom cabinet baskets. Our wire baskets provide sturdy support for your cookware, and they’re available in single or double to fit your needs.
  10. Wall cabinet pull-down- Do you need to step on a chair to access everything in your wall cabinets? Rev-A-Shelf’s magnificent Pull-Down Shelving System features a unique lifting/lowering mechanism that provides unparalleled stability through the entire range of motion. Plus, the arms lock into the down position for complete accessibility.

For well over two decades, Shelves that Slide has delighted customers with top-quality pullout kitchen shelving and other accessories. We enjoy helping you fall in love with your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, and more with our custom-made shelving and organization accessories. Contact us today to transform your kitchen and other home spaces!

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