Fall is the time when we start looking to improve the house ahead of the holiday season and before cooler weather prevails. Although in Southern Arizona, the holidays tend to come before “the cool down”. In preparation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s gatherings, it’s natural to take a good look at the dining room and determine what can use an update.

The dining room that we love, which is made up of more than just the table that the family gathers around, is the foundation around which so many memories are made. The table itself is sometimes an heirloom piece that is as cherished as a member of the family. In that case, replacing it is not an option, but updating and upgrading the rest of the room is a priority before the holiday season.

A seat at the table

We want the dining room to be comfortable, inviting, and beautiful, for our day-to-day family meals, unless you’re into the casual at the kitchen island type of dinner atmosphere. For the important gatherings, it is necessary for the dining room to be the center piece of your holiday activity. Options for casual dining sets don’t have to have the shabby chic vibe that the term suggests, rather they can be casual and elegant.

The dining room chairs, and décor are the most likely pieces to update if you have a family table that is dear to you. There are many great options for new chairs, and some truly creative new seating options like a mix of both chairs and a bench seat or mix and match patterned chairs.

If a formal dining room is your aesthetic preference, your options are not limited by creativity and are certainly not stuffy.

Everything in its place

If your dining room is missing that something special to take it from good to great, a well-appointed buffet, sideboard or server is an attractive and functional addition. All three options offer additional storage space, décor accents, and serving room for that delicious meal.  

The addition of a bar – either a cart or a fixed piece can add a modern flair. A dedicated wine rack for the enthusiasts out there can add beauty and function to the space.

Liven it up a bit

The easiest way to create a sense of comfort and beauty is to look at the accent pieces on the table itself, as well as sprucing up any other furniture pieces in the room. Changing up the lighting can transform a space from dull to brilliant. Relying on a basic overhead fixture alone doesn’t allow for much freedom. Perhaps add a couple of floor lamps or table tops in strategic spaces to adjust the mood in the room.

Using a colorful and geometrically interesting rug to bring the room to life is a perfect finishing touch to any redecorating project. This is also one of the elements of the space that is affordable enough to change as frequently as you’d like, so have fun with it.

Now that you have the knowledge and tools to update your dining space, let the experts at Sam Levitz Furniture help you find the right pieces for your home, before the holiday shopping season begins!

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