Some of us call it a living room, others call it a family room, possibly a great room even. Here in Tucson, depending on the season, we may even call it an Arizona room. But any way you describe it, it is the space in your house where you feel the most at home. The space where you can relax, get comfortable, and cuddle your babies, both human and the fur variety, while you stream your favorite shows. If yours is not making you feel the love, it may be time to consider changes you can make to get it cozy evening ready just in time for fall.

Making even small upgrades and adjustments can transform a space, so if it’s time for a small change, or a bigger change, you have come to the right place.

You’ve lost that loving feeling

Home décor improvements have a way of triggering a domino effect. A new television leads to a new stand, or wall mount, and then the sofa doesn’t feel quite right and so it goes. As we all keep pace with new technologies for home entertainment, the number of devices and spaces to put them tend to decrease. The all-in-one smart tv options have made a DVD or Blu-ray player, clunky cable boxes, and all the extras obsolete.

Although the television is the centerpiece of the living room, it doesn’t have to look like the sore thumb to an otherwise serene and relaxing space. There are so many options out there to make the television look like it fits in perfectly with the rest of the decor.

There are many creative and tasteful options to choose from like units with a built-in fireplace, floating stands, and even beautiful corner pieces. Ashley HomeStore offers some great tips on choosing both the right tv stand for the space, how to measure your room, and how close the sofa should be to other cozy furniture pieces.

Can you feel the love tonight?

A new sofa can be just the thing to transform your favorite living space into an oasis of calm and relaxation. A bonus to many sofas on the market is the option to have a sleeper unit built in for holiday guests. If having the perfect spot to lounge, while still looking polished and welcoming for guests is a top priority, we’ve got you covered. There are a multitude of options with a sectional. A quality sectional sofa can last your family between 7 and 15 years, so your best bet is to get every bell and whistle you desire. There are options with reclining features, modular units that can be reconfigured depending on the space, sleeper sectionals and smaller versions with a chaise lounge.

Whatever your needs, there is something out there to fit your budget.

Is this love that I’m feeling?

Now to tie it all together with accent pieces, side tables and nice relaxing lighting. The name of the game is comfort and beauty, all of which you can find at Ashley HomeStore here in Tucson. Visit your nearest showroom today to regain that loving feeling in your living room.

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