Spring is almost here! And you know what that means – It’s time for spring cleaning. If you’re dreading organizing and cleaning in the next few weeks, don’t worry! It’s easy to create orderly, clean spaces in your home. When you give your cabinets and drawers a makeover with custom pull out sliding shelves and more, you give your home a fresh lift.

When your kitchen isn’t organized, it can drive you crazy! Taking the time to improve your kitchen and other spaces will make you happy and feel good. Luckily, we offer ideal cabinet accessories and shelves that will give your kitchen and laundry a boost, save you time, and even add value to your home. Without further ado, let’s check out our spring cleaning and organization tips for your house.

Get pull out shelving for your cabinets.

Cabinets in the kitchen tend to be the most disorganized area in the home. You can get that clutter under control by installing some pull out sliding shelves. Do you have to bend down just to see what’s inside your cabinets? And don’t get us started on the back of the cabinets – It’s like an abyss in there! All kidding aside, pull out sliding shelves are a great investment for your home.

Pull out shelves give you complete access to everything in your cabinet with one easy pull. This is great for people with limited mobility. They’re made to perfectly fit your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and they’re easy to install. These shelves glide right out, meaning you’ll never lose things in the back of your cabinets ever again! They’re not just for kitchen cabinets – Take a look at your pantry cabinets, and don’t forget about your bathroom shelves and your garage cabinets too!

Install a Lazy Susan with multiple shelves.

Got an awkward cabinet space? It’s possible to reach everything in a corner space while taking full advantage of your cabinet space. How, you ask? By installing a Lazy Susan! Lazy Susans and their rotating shelves allow you to find everything you need. Store canned foods, pastas, rice, cereals, and other items on the multiple shelves. You can also install Lazy Susan in a laundry or bathroom cabinet. It’s a simple yet effective organization and storage solution that makes your life easier.

Organize that junk drawer.

There’s nothing worse than trying to find that one little item in your junk drawer. Yes, most of us have a drawer for junk! If you have drawers that are crammed with stuff that’s organized, we’ve got the solution for you. Drawer organizers are perfect for keeping your utensils and gadgets in line. We offer a large selection of trim to fit drawer divider systems that can even organize your knives, forks, and spoons, not to mention that spice drawer!

We can help you transform your drawers so that everything is at your fingertips. Organize kitchen drawers with ease and style. Our trimmable wood trays are an acceptable match to any kitchen cabinet and require a simple drop-in installation.

Declutter your laundry room with a hamper.

If you’re like most of us, your laundry room could use from organizing. We can help make laundry day easier with our easy-to-install hampers. Organize your dirty and clean clothes with these convenient hampers available with wire, polymer and canvas baskets and in pull out and tilt out versions. For example, our Pullout Wire Hamper is available in two depths and is easily removable for carrying to the laundry room. Keeping your laundry room tidy this spring is simple!

Get Started on Your Spring Organizing Today!

For well over two decades, Shelves that Slide has been custom making and selling kitchen accessories like top-quality pullout kitchen shelving, Lazy Susans, and more. Using the best materials and painstaking craftsmanship, we make some of the best kitchen organization additions money can buy. Contact us today to transform your kitchen and other home spaces just in time for spring!

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