A great mattress is something that most people forget about when considering furniture and home items that need to be updated every few years. The mattress in your home may have been there longer than you remember. But if your back hurts or your mattress is finally too old to keep, it’s time to choose something new. Looking into the new year of 2020 is the perfect time to find yourself a new mattress. The question is, how do you choose the mattress that will be perfect for you?

Choosing your mattress is a big decision. This selection will influence your sleep comfort and quality for years, even decades, into the future. So, naturally, you want to make this choice carefully with all the contributing factors in mind. A mattress influences your sleep through softness, support, breathability, and shape. TempurPedic offers these qualities through identifiable mattress lines and features. Once you decide on the qualities you need from a mattress, you can easily find the right TempurPedic mattress for the new year.

Soft to Firm Mattress Layers

The first variable to consider is how soft or firm your mattress needs to be. Back and stomach sleepers both tend to prefer a firmer mattress. for better support, while side sleepers are more likely to prefer a softer mattress. Those with back troubles or recurrent back pain also tend to prefer a firm mattress and may need to sleep on their backs.

The firmness or softness of your mattress, and the nature that softness takes, can seriously impact how well you sleep. If the mattress is too firm, you can’t get comfortable. If the mattress is too soft, you wake up achy in all the wrong positions.

Your Mattress Firmness Needs

Consider your own mattress firmness needs first. You should know whether you sleep better on a mattress with a firm core (even if it has a soft topper) or if you’d rather sink deeply into a soft downy mattress. Consider your preferences and your back’s requirements, as sometimes these don’t fully match up. Feel free to test mattresses in a TempurPedic store to determine whether you want medium or extreme softness or firmness.

Your Partner’s Preference

If you are sharing a bed with your partner, don’t forget their mattress needs as well. Consider whether your partner prefers a soft or firm mattress, and if they have any medical requirements in terms of mattress firmness.

Layered Foam Softness

TempurPedic provides the highest quality foam mattresses, designed in layers to create both firmness and softness in the same sleeping experience. Layers of variable density memory foam and padded toppers allow you to choose firmness from the core of the mattress outward. When choosing a modern mattress, consider every layer and how that will feel. Many people appreciate sinking into a cloud-like layer of top foam, but with the support of firmer foam underneath.


The next serious consideration is breathability. Breathable, cooling foam is important for a mattress because you need to stay cool while you sleep. The body responds to heat by thinking it’s daytime, and time to wake up. This is why you sleep better on a cold night. Unfortunately, unengineered foam tends to trap heat. TempurPedic has specialized several types of layered foam that are built to remove heat instead of trapping it.

If you or your partner tend to be hot when you sleep, it’ll be important to choose a mattress built for cooling.

Cool Mattress Layering

Breathability in a memory foam mattress is achieved through specialized foam layers. TempurPedic Breeze variety mattresses are built with a three-layer cooling system including a cool-to-touch cover, a heat-absorbing phase change pad, and a layer of Advanced TEMPUR airflow enhanced foam. Together, they pull heat away from your sleeping body and keep you cool all night.

Cooling Toppers

If you get a mattress that is not cooling and find yourself too hot, there are other options like cooling toppers. Specialized toppers designed for cooling come in many different designs and materials. You can get gel toppers, foam toppers, copper-infused toppers, to name just a few. You can also try cooling blankets to regulate heat in a different way.

Mattress Size

How big of a mattress are you looking for? If you are sleeping alone, you might enjoy the tidy versatility of a Twin or Full sized bed, while couples usually opt for Queen or King beds. The recent trend in luxury mattresses is to buy a Split King so couples can more easily share. Mattress size should be decided by your bed frame, bedroom size, and plans to move in the near future.

Twin or Full

Twin and Full sized mattresses are most commonly bought for children, and/or bunk beds. Twin mattresses are also the preference of some very organized individuals, urban professionals, and still sleepers. Most people from their teens and above prefer a Full sized mattress with room to stretch out or roll in bed.

Queen and King

Queen and King sized mattresses are most popular with couples. Queen sized beds are the single most popular bed size, while Kings are the luxury step up. California Kings (Cal Kings) are even larger and are particularly difficult to move from house to house. Your choice between Queen or King sized beds will likely depend on your existing bed frame.

Split King

A Split King is a King sized mattress that has been sliced in half. It is the perfect solution for couples who have different mattress needs. If you need a soft pillowy mattress and your partner needs a firm medical mattress, a Split King can allow you to continue sharing a bed and have the individual mattresses you need. Most TempurPedic mattress lines come in Split King for couple comfort.

Foam, Spring, or Hybrid

While you’re considering mattress types, you may also want to think about the difference between Foam and Spring mattresses. TempurPedic offers both varieties, with a specialty in Foam and Hybrid mattresses. A Hybrid mattress is the top of today’s mattress technology with both springs and advanced memory foam layers. If you have always liked spring mattresses, consider trying a hybrid for the best of both worlds in mattress production.

Flat or Folding Bed

Your last consideration when choosing a new mattress is whether you want a bed that folds. A folding bedframe can let you comfortably sit up and put your feet up in bed without constantly rearranging pillows. But to properly fold your bed, you’ll need a mattress that’s built to fold smoothly as well. TempurPedic can help you choose the right folding bedframe including powered bed bases for ultimate in-bed comfort.

If you are shopping for a new mattress in 2020, it’s handy to keep all these factors in mind. The softness and firmness, breathability, and size will all influence how well you sleep and how comfortable you are alone or with your partner. For more insights on choosing the perfect mattress for your needs, comfort, and convenience, visit Sam Levitz today!

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