Cost-Effective Ways to Create a New or Improved Workspace for the New Year

Are you among the 70% of people across the globe work remotely at least one day per week? If you are among the growing number of workers who handle their job duties from home, then you would likely welcome any simple strategies to make you a better, more efficient worker in the New Year.

One of the best ways to increase productivity as you enter the New Year is to create a new and improved workspace in your home. By enhancing your workspace, you can boost productivity by up to 8%.  And the good news is that there are many ways to spruce up your home office without breaking the bank. Below are five simple ways to make your work environment more inviting and the single best way to improve your home workspace in the new year.

1) Start by increasing your exposure to natural light

Glare and overexposure to fluorescent lighting is known to trigger headaches, eye discomfort, and eye conditions such as photophobia. You can avoid help ease eye strain and prevent headaches by limiting your exposure to fluorescent lighting. Here are some simple ways to do this:

  • Reposition your work space to be closer to a window, skylight, or other natural light source
  • Install light diffusers in your existing lights to minimize glare and artificial brightness
  • Strategically hang a large mirror to help reflect sunlight throughout your work area 

2) Brighten your workspace with bold colors

Did you know that the color scheme you choose for your work space can actually impact your performance? Many people are surprised to learn that certain colors have the power to create a sense of urgency while others can help people maintain their focus on repetitive tasks. Professional paint expert Scott Brown describes the impact your color scheme can have on your productivity:

  • Yellow: Often associated with feelings of happiness, yellow is a wise choice for people who work in advertising, the arts, and other fields that require sustained creativity.
  • Blue: The color blue is known to help workers in repetitive professions remain focused on their tasks. It is a top choice for people in fields such as accounting.
  • Green: Green evokes feelings of balance and serenity. It is also associated with fertility and life, making it a popular color selection for people in fields pertaining to the environment.
  • Red: Frequently associated with emergencies, red can evoke feelings of urgency and anxiety. While red paint thus may not be ideal for a writer, it can boost productivity among salespeople.

One color to consider avoiding is white. Some researchers have found that white is associated with a clinical appearance and can make some people feel intimidated – the last thing you want if you ever plan to have clients visit your home office.

3) Create an inviting ambiance for clients

Scheduling face to face meetings is an effective means of improving client relations. In fact, some experts theorize that face to face meetings can help you close ten times as many deals in the new year. The path to a winning client visit begins with an inviting, relaxing meeting atmosphere. Here are some ways you can create an inviting ambiance for your clients:

  • Choose a desk with dual-sided usage to allow you and your client to work comfortably together
  • If you have room, designate a portion of your space for clients to conduct business
  • Be prepared to give your clients a virtual tour of your headquarters during their visit
  • Keep a small refrigerator stocked with water, soft drinks, and other beverages 

4) Showcase your work-related achievements

Have you or your company recently won any awards or received recognition for your accomplishments? If so, put them on display in your workspace. In addition to reminding you of the contributions you are making to your industry, trophies and other awards can spark conversation and questions from clients and guests who visit your work space.

You may also wish to display a small collection of personal items, such as photos of family members, pets, and recent trips you have taken. In addition to providing motivation for you to continue to work to achieve your goals, these valuables will serve as welcome reminders of the importance of maintaining work-life balance.

5) Maximize space in small work areas

If your workspace is limited, do not despair! There are many effective ways to maximize every possible square inch of space you have. From the colors you choose to your choice of furnishings, you can transform a working environment from cramped and cluttered to cozy and clean. Here are some tips to help you maximize space in a small work area:

  • Start by making one of your New Year’s resolutions to keep your space clutter-free
  • Consider a corner desk if you are working in a section of your living room or den
  • Use floor to ceiling shelving to store workplace necessities
  • Install pendant lighting to eliminate the need for desk lamps or floor lamps 

What is the best way to enhance your home office in the new year?

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