Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, their bedroom should be a place where they feel most comfortable. While the rest of your home is likely catered toward your particular taste and style, your kid’s bedroom should reflect their personality and interests. If you want to design your child’s room to be functional, stylish and personalized, the trusted experts at Sam Levitz Furniture are here for you. Check out these easy tips to help you get started.

Invite your child to help

What better way to create a bedroom that your child adores than to involve them in the decorating process? You may think there’s no way a child can make redesigning a space easier, but you may be surprised. Giving them simple tasks, such as picking out their bedspread or wall decorations, can help them feel like their opinion matters while giving you an idea of what they like. Showing them pictures on Pinterest or going shopping at a furniture store together is a simple yet fun way to include them. Best of all, it gives you and your child an opportunity to bond and make new memories together.

Use their favorite colors

If there’s one thing that every child has, it’s a favorite color. Incorporating their favorite color or colors into their bedroom decor is a great way to make the space feel like their very own.

Ideas for how to use kid-pleasing colors in different ways:

  • Give the walls a fresh coat of paint. If their favorite color is bold and bright, such as teal, consider creating an accent wall or using stencils to tone it down while still making a colorful statement. 
  • If their favorite color changes often, consider bringing it through accessories that can easily be changed over time, such as throw pillows.
  • Decorate their bedroom in a tasteful way by choosing a neutral wall color, then adding a pop of color with curtains, area rugs or table lamps.

Make it kid-friendly and functional

You want your child’s bedroom to be a space that is fun and kid-friendly, but it should also be functional. Incorporating practical storage pieces can help your child find their belongings quickly and make cleaning up a breeze.

Incorporate plenty of organizational solutions into your kid’s room, such as:

  • Bins to store like items together, such as puzzles, stuffed animals or socks.
  • Open shelves that can clearly display their books.
  • Closet rods and baskets that are low-hanging, so your child can reach them easily.
  • Label bins, baskets and drawers with words or pictures so they know exactly where each item belongs.

Highlight their current interests

Every child goes through phases of being overly interested in particular topics. From dinosaurs and astronauts to sports teams and princesses, when a kid loves something, they go all in! Why not highlight their current obsession or interest by incorporating it into their bedroom decor?

Keep these tips in mind to highlight your child’s favorite things in their bedroom:

  • Choose surprising decor to hang on their walls, such as the instrument they play or sports memorabilia for a playful touch.
  • Replace their ordinary bed sheets with ones that have pictures of trucks, animals or their favorite cartoon character on them.
  • Take your child to thrift stores and yard sales to look for interesting items that can complement their bedroom.

Shared bedroom? Give them their own space

Just because two children share a bedroom doesn’t mean that they can’t make their own distinctive mark on the space. If your kids’ bedroom is on the smaller side, a bunk bed is a great solution to maximize the available space. To make their beds their own, let each child select their own bedspread, sheets and decorative pillows. Choosing bedding in complementary colors or matching patterns can give them a sense of individuality while tying the overall look together.

If their room is more spacious, consider letting each one decorate their own side of the room how they like. Hanging a curtain down the middle of the room can help differentiate one side from the next and give each child a bit of privacy as well.

Make the most of the space

If your child’s bedroom is small, don’t fret. You can still design a space that is attractive, fun and practical. To make the most of the space in your child’s room, keep these tips in mind. Your child is sure to appreciate the extra room to hang out and play.

  • Put your child’s dresser in their closet to create more floor space in the room itself.
  • Move bulky furniture, such as their bed, to a corner of the room.
  • Use the space under the bed to store items, including toys, out-of-season clothes and school supplies.

Have fun with it

At the end of the day, your child’s bedroom should be a space that inspires creativity, makes them feel at home and, most important, encourages them to have fun. If your little one’s room feels like something is missing, consider adding a playful element that will make them smile. Check out these simple ideas to inspire you:

  • Use chalkboard paint on a wall or table to give them an unexpected spot to draw. 
  • Replace an ordinary chair with a hanging one to make story time feel even more magical.
  • Hang string lights around their bedroom to give it a whimsical vibe.

For everything you need to create the ultimate personalized kid’s room, the friendly design team at Sam Levitz Furniture is here to help. With our one-of-a-kind furnishings, accessories and home decor, you and your child can put together a space that they’re proud to call their own. Visit us online or come to our convenient Tucson showroom today! We look forward to showing you how simple and fun it can be to put together a bedroom that makes your child feel at home!

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