Did you know that good organization in the kitchen actually promotes healthy eating? It’s true! In fact, one study found that people who work in a neat space for only 10 minutes are twice as likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar for a snack. When it comes down to it, highly organized individuals are less likely to go down the path of least resistance – and that includes their eating habits.

Of course, this applies to both “mental organization” (having a to-do list for the day, keeping track of goals, etc.) and “physical organization” (keeping things in their proper place, knowing where each item, and so forth). A neat, streamlined kitchen space is one of the best ways to promote physical organization. At Shelves That Slide, we are here to help you achieve that perfectly organized space.

Our products have assisted customers in becoming more organized in the kitchen. Some great products that are sure to help include:

  • Our trash and recyclables product line allows customers to immediately dispose of food waste and other potentially hazardous materials – something that is especially important in order to maintain good health.
  • Our Lazy Susans enable customers that enjoy cooking to quickly locate spices and flavorings for a cherished recipe that they want to make.
  • Trying to dig out pots and pans from deep cabinet niches can be frustrating, and cause many people to throw up their hands and reach for more accessible (and less healthy) options. However, our shelving systems, like the Wall Cabinet Pull-Down System, help consumers to easily keep track of each pot, pan, utensil and instrument needed to make a satisfying, nourishing meal.

It’s true, healthy eating habits take effort to form. It may mean pulling away from the path of least resistance. But with some planning, forethought, and the help of our organizing products, you can enjoy a neat kitchen space and healthy meals day after day. Reach out to us at Shelves That Slide to learn more.

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